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Amigos hosts US premiere of freshman's feature film

Freshman Pedro Noah Espinola’s first feature film Saber Crecer ran in theaters in Paraguay for three weeks before its American premiere Monday.

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Grant-winning board game advocates for women in politics

Feminism might not be a common theme of family game night, but graduate student Jessica Weaver and undergraduate senior Beverly Bates are trying to change that. Last month, the duo won the 2017 Feminism in Action Grant to pilot 2121, a board game designed to encourage young women to run for political office.

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Alumni win big at Creative Arts Emmys

Art director Joe Celli ‘91 said he makes a concerted effort not to get his hopes up at awards shows, since he has lost more than he has won.

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Q&A: Claire Alexandra Doyle ‘00

Doyle has worked on projects like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Scream Queens , and The Amazing Spider Man and on people like J.J. Abrams, Conor McGregor, and Chris Rock. Speaking with the Beacon, she offered advice and insights from her career.

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Connor Abeles collaborates to create mixtape

“Over the past year I met all of these wonderfully talented musicians, people who were very down to pour their own flavor into this concept and this vision that I had,” Abeles said. “This project would not be anywhere near what it is and what it’s going to be without these people.”

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Tony-nominated alumna premieres on primetime

During her time as a performing arts student, Emily Skeggs earned three EVVY nominations for acting. After graduation, her collegiate success was far from over.

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Being on brand is in demand: aesthetics take precedence in personal presentation

There once was a time when our artwork was autographed with messy handprints slapped on with paint. These days, it’s not actually so different; in the age of social media and constant content creation, personal branding is imperative to artists at Emerson. Instagram users are familiar with the concept of themes, or similarities between posts creating a coherent mosaic of pictures.

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Alum Watsky '10 makes Hamilton mixtape

Emerson alumnus and rapper George Watsky, ‘10, sat in the Little Building in 2009 and watched the White House Poetry Jam. On his screen, the then-senior performing arts major saw playwright and rapper Lin-Manuel Miranda perform a song that would become the opening number of his hit musical Hamilton.

2016 in review: A time for explicit social justice debates in art

Art inherently reflects the environment it’s in, so it makes sense for recent works on and off campus to talk about timely issues. What is especially notable is the explicit stance some of these artists take on social justice debates. Going into 2017, with a divided nation and controversial president-elect, this trend is only going to continue.

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Expression necessary to evolution: Emerson community members respond to election with art

"Any kind of art form really helps people express their bottled-up emotions, and it also gives the opportunity for us to learn." ­—Junior Madeleine Derveloy

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Alumnus Watsky mentors, invites junior to perform at his Boston tour stop

“That’s something that I love about music. There could be people around the world who you don’t know and could never meet who are listening to your song,” Abeles said. “That’s my biggest goal—to be able to travel the world and share my music with everybody.”

80s movies inspire alum’s self-help book

"We think self-help books take themselves a little too seriously," said Evan Crean, '08. "Our idea was to talk about some things you can learn but to also have fun."

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Senior's thesis play reflects on Boston bombings

Emily White said she based Lockdown on her own experiences in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013, during her freshman year.

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Gay by May explores coming out with comedy

Gay by May is an autobiographical collection of humorous essays set to be released on April 19 by Wilde Press, the publishing house of student-run organization Undergraduate Students for Publishing or Pub Club.

Poet Patricia Lockwood talks Twitter and Trump

Lockwood came to Emerson last week and discussed topics including her memoir, Twitter, and Donald Trump, and read from her 2014 poetry collection Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals.

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Alumnus brings D&D inspired show to Boston

Inspired by the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, We Need To Talk invites its audience members to act out a breakup.

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WGBH partnership engages in real world production

Aspiring media makers are operating cameras, shooting b-roll, and editing footage for a hands-on course offered this semester that allows Emerson students to gain professional experience as crew members on a broadcast television show.

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Alumnus' app aims to make auditions easy

Yorick contains over 1,000 monologues from all of Shakespeare's plays. Users can search by gender, character, action, tone, or length.

Students find free films on Facebook

Three years ago, Shannon O’Connor wanted to see The Perks of Being A Wallflower for free—so she scoured the internet to find passes for advance film showings. As a freshman, she created a Facebook group, aptly named Emerson Students Love Free Movie Screenings, to help others solve the same problem.

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Freshman starts zine club to address social issues

A lecture on body image, institutional racism, or abuse might not be accessible to everyone. But put the same ideas into a zine, and the message could reach a wider audience.

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Busy Lizzie: EmStage opens season with conscious comedy

Lizzie Stranton is a play written by Lydia Diamond, in which the titular character enacts a plan of no sex until the world’s leaders declare peace.

Alumnus screens slasher satire The Final Girls

The film’s genre is difficult to define, with Todd Strauss-Schulson naming Back to the Future, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, and even Terms of Endearment as influences.

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New game development club plays to win

Emerson Game Developers hatched from the success of the daylong Girls Make Games workshop held in the lab in November, which provided 25 female students the opportunity to learn directly from women in the industry.

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New EIV game show will pit orgs against each other

Last November, sophomore Michael Kiaunis decided he wanted to make a game show for college students. His vision was Campus Clash, a Family Feud-style game show where Emerson organizations compete against each other in the hopes of winning $300 toward a specific purchase or event.

Panel discusses political correctness and comedy culture

Panelists discussed a wide range of topics and people, including racism in stand-up comedy, Bill Maher and Sarah Silverman, the television shows “Fresh Off the Boat” and “Black-ish,” and Emerson alum Norman Lear, ‘44.

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Women in Motion hosts summit for female media-makers

The event brought together women working behind the camera and future filmmakers to discuss gender in the industry.

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"Spotlight" team visits campus, illuminates injustices

Last Monday night, the Bright Family Screening Room hosted a free advanced showing of "Spotlight" for the Emerson community. The biopic follows a team of four investigative journalists who shined a light on the sexual abuse of minors by the Catholic Church in Boston.

Acorn’s “Monster” musical scares, in a nutshell

“I’d probably describe it as the most messed up coming-of-age story you could possibly imagine, revolving around a boy who’s on the verge of growing up,” Acorn said.

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Mercutio Troupe hosts 48-hour theater festival

The six groups were given two requirements: Each play must begin with the line, “You think you’re a genius?” and end with, “All right, take it easy, take it easy.”

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Inside Joke welcomes all in stand-up show

Around 20 student comedians took to the stage to perform their sets under bright lights for a lively Emerson audience. Mics dropped on topics ranging from The Gap to allergic reactions to Eggs Benedict, and styles varied, with some recounting vivid stories and others opting for deadpan one-liners.