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The art of style stealing

There are no rules regarding plagiarizing style. It’s anarchy. Anybody can take your look.

Fashion fosters activism

With fashion week coming to an end, what stands out the most to me, besides the fact that Christopher Kane still sends Crocs onto the runway, are the moments when designers used their prominence to make a statement about human rights, whether subtle or grandiose.

From riches to responsibilites: Melania Trump’s presidential style

On Jan. 20, 2017 at 11:30 a.m., Donald J. Trump was sworn into office. The Trumps were already a high-profile family, but now they are a political family—no longer just rich and entertaining. With the transition from penthouse to White House, there are new responsibilities. No action, no tweet, and no plagiarized speech goes unnoticed. No outfit does, either.

Style Column: The civil union of fashion and politics

Fashion has been changing the political and social culture for centuries.

Style notes: In defense of outfit repeating

After seeing The Lizzie McGuire Movie in 2003, I was convinced outfit-repeating was a crime.

Style notes: Runway designs encourage recycling

We need to reduce textile waste. The fashion industry is the source of the problem, but they can also pioneer a solution.

Students take issue with Emerson's maintenance process

It may seem as though maintenance is slacking when there is only one working washing machine, or there’s a dresser drawer that’s been jammed all day, but Facilities Management has behind-the-scenes protocol and limitations that affect their jobs and, therefore, residence life.