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Freshman journalism majors lack tech resources

“It’s just so stupid that they’re telling us an iPhone can work just as well as a nice camera would,” she said. “It’s an obstacle for me in my classes.” 

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ECPD lacks gender diversity

This year, two of the 28 people employed in the Emerson College Police Department are women. The department employed just one woman last year and has gone without women in the past.

Board of Advisors to champion departments, co-curriculars

“I like the word ‘Champion’ because it is both a noun and a verb,” he said. “You are the Champion but you are also championing the cause.”

CreativityKit costs climb

“It cut into the money I had saved up for college,” freshman journalism major Jakob Menendez said. “I’m a Windows guy. I could have gotten the best Windows laptop for just as much money, or a Windows laptop of the same quality for about $1,200.”