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The strange nature of success

Aside from hard work and persistence, very little else we do has a direct impact on our futures. Luck is our sun, chance our north star.

Let's agree to be mean

When students can coast through workshops with shoddy writing, or get through four years without taking a single class on the practicalities of publishing, the whole major suffers.

A Generation of Gentrification

I find myself simultaneously an agent and victim of gentrification; I am the reason rent prices skyrocket, but also the person forced out when large companies set up shop to meet student demand.

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Style Column: Dress to regret

I live by a very simple maxim: Dress to regret. Not in the moment, of course. Always wear clothes you like.

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Commodification of tragedy

I am standing in the gift shop of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, head slightly cocked, puzzling over the cover of a book. It is The Diary of a Young Girl, the revered diary of Anne herself. A small seal in the corner reads: “Now available as an app!” Contemptuously, I wonder: what could this app contain?

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The Empowerment Letters

At Emerson, we often seek empowerment for ourselves and others through the work we create.

Donald’s Democracy: A new America

For a lot of us, after disappointment, there was fear.

A novel idea: personal narrative as public awareness

In an attempt to comprehend, we detach ourselves from the lives that we seek to avenge.

Summer preview: Combatting white noise in America

Silence is a tool of oppression, and by keeping quiet, white liberals further oppress those they seek not to offend.