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More credits available for internship work

Emerson students may not have to ration their eight internship credits like Board Bucks anymore. This semester, Career Services piloted the Professional Development Experience program, which allows students to get two extra credits from an internship experience.

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Through Pictionary, president connects with students

Last Tuesday, students walking by the Office Campus Student Lounge in Piano Row were greeted with an unusual sight. Passersby could find President M. Lee Pelton frantically doodling on a standing whiteboard for a crowd of students. A closer look would reveal the president was not writing notes—but rather drawing a fence, a house, and other items found in the game of Pictionary.

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With limited options, a kosher student looks for dietary solace

After walking into the dining hall, Gabriel Volcovich begins his hunt for kosher food, which the freshman said is often in limited supply.

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New registration option looks to provide relief for crowded classes

When students logged into eCommon to view classes before registration, they likely were greeted by a new feature: Underneath the number of seats for each class was a waitlist with five extra spots.

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Radio minor to be offered next semester

Between Emerson’s two radio stations, students at the college have the chance to have their voice heard by millions of listeners. For the first time next year, the skills for a career in radio will only be offered through a minor, not within a major.

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Interest in D.C. program increases

For the first time in its four-year history, the Washington, D.C. Program has garnered interest from students of every major, according to Richard West, the director of the program.

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College to add environmental studies minor

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