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Admissions interns work toward undergraduate inclusivity

The Undergraduate Admission Office’s new Diversity Outreach Interns worked on recruiting more students of color to the college through outreach to local and national communities this semester.

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Student veterans talk inclusion at panel event

“I won’t say I am a vet in class because I know certain people are going to assume things about me, my beliefs, who I am, and what I’ve done,” the Marine said.

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2 Boylston elevators stall, raise accessibility concerns

Campus Services and Facilities received five reports of elevator-related incidents in the 2 Boylston Place residence hall in October. Reports included student entrapments, delays, and internal malfunctions.

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Petition preserves music behind the counter

An unidentified student posted a petition titled “Keep the Music Behind the Counter” in the dining center near the sandwich station. Within a couple of days, the petition gathered a surplus of signatures, prompting a second sheet for students to sign.

Journalism department expands alongside VMA downsize

Emerson journalism department enrollment increased by 6 percent since last year.