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Emerson mascot Griff the Lion gets a new look

“We have the joke of, ‘If it’s a lion with a man bun, obviously it’s Griff,’” Lamb said. “He’s a spunky, funky little art student.”

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ASIA to host conference with panel, performances

“It will be a time for students to have a conversation with them, because sometimes it’s really hard for us to necessarily know who Asian-American mentors are on campus,” Liu said.

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Raíz Latinoamericana spreads roots on campus

“I want to take photographs of those here at Emerson who identify themselves as Latin,” Romero said. “I want to break stereotypes the media has portrayed us as by asking how they identify themselves as Latin American.”  

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Freshmen aim to start summer camp

“I hope [the children] find friendships like the ones I found,” Kumar said. “I hope they find support through it and I hope it’s a safe place for them, something they always look forward to coming back to.”

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Hidden Lantern festival to shine light on mental health

Hicks and Penfield-Cyr said they hope to start a tradition at Emerson where students can find a sense of belonging and purpose, and to empower college students in the Boston area to share their voice.