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Emerson professor has New York Times article turned into indie film

“It might be a bit surprising for some Emerson students,” said Denizet-Lewis. “It’s the reverse coming-out story, so it might challenge some people.”

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Memoirs explore the meaning of manhood

A professor and two alumni navigate the meaning of manhood in the context of their relationships with their own fathers.

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Even when life isn’t peachy, play tells kids, ‘you’re not alone’

Sophomore Michael Levine, the play's director, said he wanted the show to provide hope for kids who may be struggling with their lives at home.

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Documentary examines photographer's life, behind her lens

Vivian Maier, who worked as a nanny, used a variety of different pseudonyms in her lifetime: V. Smith, V. Meyer, V. Mayer. She spoke in a French accent that may or may not have been fake. She moved around a lot, and each room that she stayed in was reportedly padlocked.

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A substantive struggle: Pub Club edits two selected student works

Sophomore Rebecca Crandall was supposed to write a story for her fiction workshop class, but she had no idea what to write about.

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Zach Stetson & Company embraces the awkward

Zach Stetson & Company started as one student mixing experimental tracks in the privacy of his dorm room and has evolved into a conceptual comedy performance involving masked dancers and audience-centered shenanigans.

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In new memoir, George Clinton gets funky

George Clinton is known for a few things about his performances throughout the 1970s: donning flamboyant costumes made of flags and diapers, tripping on acid, and of course, bringing the funk.

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With Live Music Week, WERS embraces the locals

Live Music Week is WERS’ version of Mardi Gras, according to General Manager Jack Casey.

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New on-campus murals engage a creative community

Julia Cseko described her new mural on the bottom floor of Walker Building, which colorfully features the words of Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan, as “a way to share relevant literature without being annoying.” The mural, A Coney Island of the Mind—Marshall McLuhan, was one of three murals to be painted on campus over the past few months.

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Actors Fried and Epstein remain 'endlessly curious'

A question from an Emerson student summed up actor Jonathan Fried’s weeklong residency at the college: “How do you sustain yourself in a career in the theater when so much of what you have to do is a series of brutal indignities?”

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Wandering Wild

Paul Turano was at the site of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts, when the Emerson professor noticed something that would inspire a seven-year long project: a pile of rocks. On the rocks were inspirational quotes and comments inspired by Thoreau’s ideas.

In Word/Play, actors tell stories verbatim

Twenty-one years ago, two women stepped into ZSpace, an artists’ studio that David Dower founded in San Francisco, and suggested that he stage a production in which actors tell stories verbatim.

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Documentary "On the Move" asks, what connects America?

Spending 47 days in a cramped Saab with no working radio doesn’t sound like a recipe for success, but for Emerson filmmakers Christian Bergren-Aragon, Michael Thorpe, Brendan Scully, and Courtland Noble, it was the best summer of their lives. The four traveled across the Southwest, West Coast, Midwest, and Southeast regions of the United States for their documentary, On The Move.

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Watsky's new 'album scrapbook' is packed with nostalgia

Rapper and spoken word poet George Watsky calls his new record, All You Can Do, an “album scrapbook” of sorts. The cover art features a grainy, black-and-white photo of his father, poet Paul Watsky, donning oversized vintage eyeglasses, a leather jacket, and long, hippie-style hair.

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In new memoir, alum embraces the 'Gay Within'

To Jon Derek Croteau’s father, Emerson was “‘the land of ‘fairies, freaks, and misfits with purple hair,”’ a place [Jon Derek] was to avoid at all costs.” To Croteau, the college was a place to call home—a place where, after years of living in the closet, he began his journey of self-acceptance, which he wrote about in his upcoming memoir, My Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within.

Professor John Skoyles Releases New Book

Professor John Skoyles releases a semi-autobiographical novel and shares writing advice

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Rafael Yglesias: wading through a 'sea of regrets'

“My parents died believing they had failed,” Yglesias said in a speech during an event hosted by the Bright Lights series last Thursday night. Yglesias was awarded the 2014 Semel Chair in Screenwriting and is a temporary professor of an advanced screenwriting workshop at Emerson.

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A whole new world

Founded in 2012, the New Majority Theatre aims to “produce works which tell a previously untold story, with an emphasis on cultural oppression,” according to the mission statement on its Facebook page. Last year, the troupe put on a production of Hamlet set during the Mexican-American War.

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Artists create works out of recycleables to raise awareness

"I think that visually, Emerson students need something to look at." -Junior Lauren Feeny

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From lobotomies to the limelight

Tonight, acclaimed documentarian Barbara Kopple screens her latest film, Running From Crazy. The film focuses on the lives of Ernest Hemingway's family members.

Housing hunt: Exploring Boston's neighborhoods

With basic knowledge of Boston’s neighborhoods and surrounding towns, however, it’s easier to navigate through the process, and to find a fit that meshes with your top priorities, and most importantly, your budget.

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If you can't join 'em...

A group of freshmen, led by Dan Goldberg, create their own comedy troupe at Emerson entitled Derbyn and the Drakefish.

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WECB spring semester embraces diversity

WECB offers three diverse radio programs. The hosts hope to introduce listeners to different kinds of music from different countries.

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Fathers and Sons helps connect students to art

Emerson Stage's new production presents interesting challenges to both the director and the actors.

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For smokers, a Common spot revoked

Robertson Kolby Woodfield was walking through Boston Common smoking his daily cigarette when a passerby gave him some unexpected news: he was breaking the law.

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Not your average history lesson: ArtsEmerson debuts new show We Are Proud to Present...

ArtsEmerson presents a bold new theater experience.

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Ferrell, in character, addresses press

In character as the news anchor Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell managed to keep his perfectly coiffed hair and mustache intact as he kissed Dean of the School of Communication Phillip Glenn on the head. With tears in his eyes, the fictitious newsman accepted a plaque commemorating his arrival.

Producer Richard Arlook screens new film

Bright Lights hosts Emerson alum Richard Arlook, now a producer, to screen his new film Goats.

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Curbing his enthusiasm: Larry David discusses inspiration with students

Even though Larry David is the creator of one of the most highly acclaimed television series of all time, he still shows up for most important events with dirty sneakers, tube socks, and a self-deprecating sense of humor.

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Doing time with Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox knows her character in Orange is the New Black in a way most actors can only imagine. Unlike her character, Sophia Burset, Cox has never been to an all-women’s high security prison, but she shares a fundamentally similar experience with Sophia: undergoing the transition from male to female.

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Changing the channel: Panelists praise new media's potential

Members of Emerson's Board of Overseers spoke about the rapid technological changes taking place in the film and tv industry.

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Emerson Comedy Workshop goes for giggles

Emerson Comedy Workshop provides lot of laughter during their first show of the semester.

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Girlie Project stands out with stand-up

Girlie Project hosted a hilarious comedy show in the Cabaret on Thursday, October 3.

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Drawn that way

Visual and media arts majors with a concentration in animation talk about their hopes and struggles with classes and the animation field.

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Animators share their intergalactic tales

Animation editors of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Jason Tucker and Nate Cormier, described the process of landing the job as surprising and surreal, neither of them expecting to set foot in George Lucas’ famous Skywalker Ranch for an interview.

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In-N-Out and the Great Depression: Grads read their new novels

It was the graduate admission program’s first time hosting an alumni reading at Emerson.

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George Watsky raps his way to Paradise

Like many other Emerson students, 2010 alum George Watsky has a flair for the dramatic. Just type in “pale kid raps fast” into the YouTube search bar and you’ll see him performing directly in front of the camera, often pausing to acknowledge a cat slinking across the background.