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Breaking the silence, breaking the mold

We want the paper to be an engaging source that works with and for our readership, not just a detached news outlet that operates independent of the community.

Women deserve to feel safe on their own campus

Now more than ever, it is vital that women feel they can safely approach authorities and be heard when they come forward.

Plagiarism does not deserve discourse

Although public discourse is essential in sharing ideas and opinions, it’s hard to ignore how this screening presented France with yet another platform to defend himself.

Staff salaries are more important than real estate

The priorities of the administration should not be buildings, but the people they house.

Anthony Lowrie memo misses the mark

The fact that he has made such egregious accusations and employed such inflammatory rhetoric in his memo, and that no faculty or administration has refuted his claims, is troubling.

Listen this time

At issue: Student protest for inclusive excellence Our take: Ignoring the problem is not a solution

No time to slack on student safety

When it comes to student safety on campus, the priority should be to make students aware of potential dangers so that they can be prepared.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you

The petition might not seem like much, but at least it shows basic respect for Sodexo workers. Frankly, that’s not something that we see enough on campus.

An exercise in broken trust

Emerson’s repeated claims to have zero-tolerance for sexual assault and discrimination, but reparations to its own policy addressing these exact problems continue to be pushed aside.

Teaching cultural competency goes both ways

It is not the duty of students to carry the weight of reformed social inequality in the classroom, nor should it be—we should be able to rely on our educators to do their research.

Hardware presents a hard choice

When incoming students are instructed to drop thousands on a computer with little prior warning, it becomes an issue of classism.

Dude, where's my DH?

When we left school at the end of the spring semester, it was the last time we would see the campus to which we had grown accustomed.


When we left school at the end of the spring semester, it was the last time we would see the campus to which we had grown accustomed.

Underwhelmed by overcommitment

At all colleges and institutions, the freshman experience is subjective—what may work for one student may not work for another. Our administration should reflect the complexity of the individuals attending our college with an impartial approach to clubs and organizations. Youth is about self-discovery. It’s OK to try new things, fail, and try again—only then can students find a true passion to follow.

An end-of-year resolution

We know we need to do better, and we can do a lot better.

SGA closes door on student interest

If SGA wants to increase student involvement, they need to let the community in on how they make some of their most important decisions.

SAT and ACT have GTG

Although standardized testing has been the norm for years, this method of academic evaluation is extremely outdated. Multiple studies have already shown how these exams are not accurate assessments of students’ knowledge and skills.

Racism is everywhere, including Emerson

Your morals don't undo centuries of institutionalized oppression, nor offset how this social construct has influenced your own privilege and innate biases.

Conservatives are not oppressed

Those who face discrimination in everyday life don’t have the luxury of changing themselves after reading a really good New York Times op-ed. Conservatives do.

Please run a write-in campaign

The deadline to get on the ballot was March 3, but there is no official process for write-in campaigns—you just have to get enough people to fill in your name come election day.

Language about language

Emerson’s focus has always been about using the right words to get points across clearly, and that’s not going to change just because we want to use inclusive language.

Exploiting students for the sake of exposure

Young people are manipulated into working for free all the time in the name of "exposure," "building a portfolio," or just plain "experience."

Saturdays still not a snow day solution

It’s bad enough that our go-to college policy is to make up snow days on the weekend.

Optional opportunities should be inclusive

At issue: Expensive networking opportunities Our take: Extra-curricular trips shouldn’t be only for the wealthy

Saturdays are not a snow day solution

At issue: Saturday makeup classes Our take: It's the freakin' weekend.

Lack of preparation causes pandemonium

At issue: Chaos caused by Pats parade Our take: The school should not have been open during the parade

Let's create a sanctuary that counts

Last November, the Beacon published an article entitled “Emerson declared a sanctuary campus.” We watched as the article was passed around on social media, becoming one of the most shared articles of the semester. Unfortunately, we were wrong.

Bridging borders across majors

Emerson has been hailed as a trade school for media makers. With such a specific focus, it’s a wonder that we have so much division between programs.

Do we need a train stop to validate our existence?

Our college is in the center of a city with a rich and vibrant history, and ignoring that is not only entitled, but selfish.

Unpacking right-wing rhetoric

Our reluctance to engage with our opposition manifests as weakness in our academic experience.

Emerson Buddy System fosters community

Rather than take greater advantage of this program, students have decided to rely on one another. That says volumes about the lack of trust students have in the department—they feel safer with their peers than with trained police officers.

Students take to the streets

Arm-in-arm with fellow students, we are able to voice our beliefs in a way that is peaceful and powerful.

Election results indicate misunderstanding

We were living in a bubble, apparently. Because the majority of America did not agree.

Thanks, Obama: A Fond Farewell

Maybe it’s the depressing election cycle, or maybe it’s the countless adorable videos of the Obamas with children, but it’s clear that Americans are not ready to see our president go.

It’s the time of the season where parties are pleasin’

Partying is a sort of right of passage in college, and one that isn’t really given any credence.

The Beacon’s presidential endorsement

And ultimately, we are endorsing Secretary Clinton because, as she said, “It really does come down to what kind of country we are going to have.”

More than just talk: combating rape culture rhetoric

We’re setting ourselves up for failure if we don’t pay close attention to language and semantics, both in the classroom and in the real world.

Indigenous inclusivity: turning the tide on the Columbus legacy

By rethinking how we name this day, our institution can demonstrate its respect for the perspectives of indigenous citizens, both within and outside of our academic community.

Our generation holds the cards: deal us in to democracy

No matter whom one votes for, this election will usher in a term of change.

Night owls need a place to roost

The perception of Boston as a boring city likely has a profound effect on retention of recent grads as the actual late night entertainment options that exist.

Searching for answers from administration

But it turns out that these seemingly innocuous communications have become our school’s only way of disseminating information that, if announced another way, would have the student body up in arms.

Validating personhood with pronouns

We should all be called what we want to be called—no footnote needed.

Thumb 140 1461215105 unnamed.jpg

Emerson’s new logo needs revision

This graphic suggests we're sleepily dreaming our way to graduation, living on our imaginations and pretty art. But we work hard here—through sleepless nights and early mornings, we are developing our crafts.

The onus is on us to make the most of student funds

As student organizations, it's incumbent upon us to work with SGA to make use of the growing surplus funds and create more fulfilling learning opportunities for everyone.

A CreativityKit should still include the classics

We’re cultivating the art of capturing our world and practicing shapeshifting to effortlessly dance between mediums, always working to best inform, entertain, and empower.

POWER’s existence shows school’s blind spots

The onus isn't only upon SGA of course—all Emerson students have a part to play in making sure we're being educated from a more equitable coursework.

Spring semester sparks change on campus

If Emerson is putting this much effort into providing their students with these unique opportunities, we should be able to put equal effort toward making sure our students are healthy.

New dean could bring needed cohesion

Our siloed departments could benefit from breaking down some barriers—sow the knowledge across the scholarly lands, we say.

Calling on the college to revamp student safety

Emerson's administration ought to hop on board with a change to bridge the gap between the T's reduced hours and the needs of students: implementing a campus shuttle.

Student athletes shouldn't be underestimated

But our athletes are no different from any other driven, passionate, and socially conscious student.

Making a platform for marginalized voices

Asking people to consider equality is different than asking people to implement concrete activities that create specific pathways for oppressed and slighted groups.

Reflecting on value of a new campus space

But ultimately, it isn't in anyone's best interest to create a quick fix solution just to ease tensions and create a short term hush for the chaos.

Students live in a digital echo chamber

This feeling seems to be a sweet affliction for our generation—fame feeds us and forces us to face scorn at the same time.

Liberal arts curriculum at Emerson is crucial

Our liberal arts coursework teaches us the ability to remain fully human—to develop ideals, to be empathetic, to read, and then walk in another's shoes.

Emerson's medical amnesty policy needs overhaul

But there's a clear disconnect between how Emerson advertises its amnesty services, and its de facto implementation.

Hoverboard ban paves way for major change

And although Emerson's new rule is cased in a humorous shell, the college's recent ban of the device, at its core, is a reminder that conduct policies shan't be set stone.

Semester in review: worthy stories deserve second look

This semester has seen emboldened movements and sincere attempts to push Emerson into a direction that more accurately adheres to its philosophy of bringing innovation to communication and the arts.

Lipdub doesn't deserve our lip service

There's a value judgement behind keeping Swift as the artist that the video had students mouth along to, and it's one that isn't in the interest of diversity or inclusion.

Emerson should implement service learning mandate

For Emerson to support such a symbiotic relationship among students and the Boston community would set an important precedent.

With inclusion, Emerson Engagement Lab entertains

For something so unique, the Engagement Lab's accomplishments deserve far more student attention and support.

Student art deserves a space to be showcased

The enormous amount of free, quality art being produced by students at this school is often ignored and there doesn't seem to be any good reason why.

College resources for mental health are improving

These are steps that allow students to work on campus without the weight of worrying about having adequate mental health resources.

Colonial’s closure an unavoidable growing pain

It deserves a second life that serves students who can benefit from its remodeling many more months out of the year.

Emerson faculty deserve improved parental leave

It's a manifestation of socially constructed ideas of masculinity and sexism, and it perpetuates destructive gender norms.

The journalism program is #1 in name only

It's incumbent for us to address our program's shortcomings because the journalism industry is becoming a more competitive market.

It’s time to include all of the Lions in Emerson’s pride

From the sidelines and in the stands, students and local residents have the opportunity to become connected.

Students are having a door closed in their face

It is better to err on the side of caution rather than confront a story that wouldn't have been told if the Tremont door had been open.

Athletes need more than a part-time leader

A new shiny gym floor and free swag may entice new fans, but a culture of winning is what's going to get them to stay.

Emerson’s rebranding effort offers opportunity

Rebranding ought to be about making the school a better and more inclusive place, not just naming accomplishments to climb popular college rankings.

#IAmEmerson? rally raises the bar

Tuesday afternoon's demonstration was admirable for many reasons, including raising the bar for how students go about advocating change within our campus culture and administration.

Thumb 140 1429820896 climatesurveyhead web.jpg

Special Section: Surveying Emerson's Climate

Explore the results from Emerson's first comprehensive climate survey, which found that many students felt sexual assault prevention training was lacking, and that there were strong racial divides in their sense of belonging.

Thumb 140 1429824080 image1  1 .jpg

Climate survey underscores need for diversity education

The onus is clear: Emerson must spend significantly more resources on cultural competency training for students, professors, and staff alike.

Hulu show doesn't do Emerson (social) justice

Beyond its insensitivity, the biggest artistic failure of “Resident Advisors”—filmed at Emerson Los Angeles—is being unfunny.

Emerson gets an F for its three Rs

As a school that prides itself on progressive thinking and innovation, we should continue to make larger efforts to improve our recycling program as a whole.

Honorary degrees ought to graduate from arbitrary past

Except for self-promotion, it's hard to see what the college gains by giving out these quasi-fake degrees—degrees that would cost normal students real money.

ECCash’s shortcomings deserve SGA attention

But the ECCash system’s antiquated requirements and arbitrary division from Board Bucks mean students likely won’t be whipping out their Emerson IDs anytime soon.

Sweetwater’s closure puts campus needs into perspective

Third places are important: they give people a chance to step outside of the obligations of home and career. Now Emerson students have one fewer option for a third place in an already limited roster.

Presidential candidates offer distinct visions for student government

It is exciting that there are three presidential candidates and that they all offer significantly different visions of student governance.

SGA constitution reform misses the mark

With an already selective group of people in power, this amendment would strip an already limited system of checks and balances over the SGA constitution.

Part-time faculty deserve full-time support

Students have lent their voices to other labor issues at this school, and the case being made by adjunct faculty members is another that warrants attention.

Proposed digital merits no badge of glory

The badge system encourages students to complete requirements for the sake of the reward, not the educational journey that should lead to it.

At Emerson, innovation ends at coursework divisions

Positive changes to better access the rise in multidimensional careers have happened in the past, and they ought to continue.

Costly snow days put classes in perspective

The snow days aren't anyone's fault, but they have become everyone's problem.

SGA starts semester with delusions of grandeur

Emerson exists in the real world and we pay many real-world dollars to be here. Plans to solve problems within the school are a more effective way to demonstrate the importance of student government.

Antiquated internship policy requires reform

In the competitive fields many Emerson students aspire to work in, it’s expected that graduates will have several internships under their belts.

Despite second lawsuit, Emerson still on road to reform

Although changes have been implemented, even Emerson administrators recognize there's still room for improvement.

Semester in review: worthy stories deserve second look

It's true that there's a lot that has happened, and it can be hard to keep up. But we owe it to ourselves to understand the bevy of changes and proposals.

Faulty financials could leave construction project’s future in flux

How can Emerson, which already has well-known funding challenges, foot the bill for such an expensive undertaking?

Pre-college program requires intensive commitment for true success

Emerson too must challenge itself to provide for those students who, motivated by a new potential for higher education, most need its help to fulfill their dreams.

Student theater troupe produces meaningful cultural dialogue

The campus and its students should take the initiative to support this troupe's public platform for racial commentary that is far too often neglected.

Pelton’s term reflects prioritization of community needs

Pelton's new generation of administrators has taken a notable turn toward being receptive to student and faculty requests.

Needy students deserve more from financial aid

Perhaps the most poignant indicator of our inadequate financial aid system are the measures students have taken to afford Emerson.

Dedicate library space to student desires

It is a library, and a small one at that. Instead of a live bear sanctuary or a “habitat” for British actress Tilda Swinton—two actual proposals—let’s add some more bookshelves.

After tragedy, a time to remember and reflect

At Emerson, we surround ourselves with signs of vitality: the vigor of campus activities, the bustle of the Common, the promise of a diploma. But this tragedy throws the fragility of life into sharp relief.

Lack of communication lands dining reform in a pickle

With an abundance of miscommunications, it's clearly time for the sides to talk turkey.

College's legal response requires a closer look

The brusque language simply reflects the parlance of law, and its bluntness doesn't necessarily represent how the administration feels about the issue or its students.

Props for profs fly under students’ radar

Too often, students miss out on important chances to build relationships with Emerson's bevy of notable professors with significant accomplishments.

Failed logo reveals lack of opportunity

Emerson students are here to learn by doing. Being sidelined on important opportunities doesn't allow students to accomplish that goal.

WERS’ potential W-E-R-Mess

It appears WERS is becoming more of a business at the expense of benefiting students as greatly as it could.

New year, new initiatives

We have the opportunity to change how we, as a community, react to this school year’s new proposals.

Serious initiatives don't go on vacation

Every time the summer months roll around, students separate themselves from the initiatives they were once actively engaged in.

Emerson's new initiative bad for business

Creating a business major here would change the artistic culture and spirit of the school

Student efforts disprove generational stereotypes

This is the time to seize our most grandiose activist ambitions and try to actualize them.

At SGA speech night, the sounds of silence

The lack of attendance by the candidates is only symptomatic of a larger problem: a culture of apathy set by current members of the student government.

Let’s rain on their parade

This should be the year Emerson students pledge not to contribute to the alienation

Emerson reaches new land

This is the latest step in the positive trend of Emerson adding more study abroad programs to its admittedly feeble roster.

Intruder reminds of urban perils

We’re lucky the occurrence that reminded us of this fact was simply a huckster pawning off coupons.

Victory Stride influences students

Events like Victory Stride, which discussed the history of minority empowerment and the fight for civil rights, are invaluable to a school that is still striving to bolster diversity and integrate black history into its curriculum.

Screening program needs a brighter idea

The department has a responsibility to ensure each event offers something students can’t get from their dorm beds.

Better safe than whiney

This shouldn’t be shrugged off as an extreme reaction or fallacious argument

There's nothing funny about sexual assault

Sexual assaults—regardless of their nature—should not be relegated to the punchline of a joke.

A team without a captain

In the 615 days since Parnell’s departure, though, little has changed.

Waning attention mirrors waning attendance

An October town hall meeting drew 275 people. Only two students attended the recent presentations by candidates for the sexual assault advocate position.

New LA campus calls for community immersion

It will take a conscious effort for those on the campus to break outside their comfort zone and explore the less polished areas of Hollywood.

On that midnight train to Allston

Many an event has been dampened when its invitees realize there wouldn't be enough time before they would need to leave and catch the last T

Making headway in concussion protocol

The NCAA should protect the one thing the student athletes who will not turn professional will need in their post-college days: their brains.

Emerson shows support for trans community

Supporting the trans community is clearly in line with Emerson's mission of being welcome to a diverse student body.

Counseling center needs clearer communications

But there seems to be a more fundamental issue in play: a critical mismatch in the ways students and staff understand the counseling center's role.

Ready, set, go

With all due respect to Mr. Mutchnick, the return of this library space to library use remedies more than just an inconvenience.

Think outside your major

The balance of liberal arts-dictated general education classes promote a more versatile Emerson student.

Complaints demand transparency

College students have plenty to worry about, but their safety and well-being should be a given.

Black your lungs, not the block

It's incumbent on Emerson—not the smokers—to enforce the college's policies.

Path unclear for WERS' future

A professional presence in the studio stirs up the dynamic of a self-directed learning environment.

Building upon Keeling's success

Athletics have come a long way at Emerson, but much of the student body sill lacks an appreciation for the strong program that has been growing here.

Ain't no dormitory high enough

For students accustomed to a six-building campus that — situated adjacently —  would span less than a city block, the inconvenience of living off-campus is a major issue.

E3 gets down to business

Competitions like E3 place a spotlight on the college that goes beyond that which it usually gets from ProArts plays or film screenings. It’s a peek into the projects from students in a minor that goes unnoticed at a known arts school.

Solidarity is the silver lining

We witnessed the definition of what it means to be an Emersonian, a member of a close-knit community of thoughtful people who show that connections cut deeper than “networking”—they provide real care and support in times of crisis.

Japan program takes first step in global intiative

Pelton has made diversity a key intiative, and this course is a model of teaching history from a diverse perspective.

Almeida offers clear vision for the future

After two years with the same SGA president, and few implemented initiatives, our student government needs someone with a clear direction.

A theatre by any other name would smell as sweet

Instead of seeing the Emerson Theatre as a nuisance, we should realize it's actually an incredible opportunity.

With upcoming hire, WERS changes frequency

The station has been an iconic part of Emerson for over half a century. Student hosts are a key part of its identity.

Student complaints prompt dining hall reform

But now, those endless Facebook posts and Instagram shots complaining about moldy cucumbers and undercooked hamburger patties finally—maybe—have been enough to spur the administration to change our meal plans and food provider.

Don't let offensive vandalism sour Lemon

<p class="p1"><span class="s1"><strong>At Issue:&n

My big fat Greek fashion show

Imagine what can be accomplished with a grant of over $8,000 to raise funds for a charitable cause. But when more than a third of that funding is sunk into a dessert display, it’s hard to believe that money was spent in a way to best benefit the nonprofit.

We bleed purple and gold, sometimes

Emerson’s basketball players must compete each week with the support of only 61 people, on average, according to the athletic department’s website, leaving the squeak of their soles to echo in a nearly-empty gym.

Space should belong to everyone

Before the school begins designating space for a particular organization, it needs to ensure that there are enough locations for any group to meet and students to hang out.

SGA neglects to post minutes

The SGA finds itself shirking the responsibility again, with no minutes posted since October 23.

President Pelton Calls for Action

Both the student body and Pelton must remain committed to these discussions, especially at a time when public opinion affords us the the power to effect real change.

Thumb 140 eboni chapman

EBONI sets the stage for two prestigious speakers

The $18,280 price tag may seem costly, but EBONI has earned our trust as an organization that has delivered excellent results on this particular series of events. Furthermore, the organization cited nine co-sponsors including fellow student organizations and President M. Lee Pelton’s office. This is exactly the kind of event the entire college should proudly invest in, student body included.

If speech night happens and no one is around to hear it...

And at a college dedicated to communication, that’s a real shame. We deserve peers, and our readers deserve a plurality of engaged news sources on campus. As of speech night, there aren’t any.

SGA ups administrative ante on security breach

Over the past few weeks, the issue of dormitory security has pervaded conversation among the student body. Beyond a straightforward notification about the breach itself, the administration now owes students clarity on the matter at large.

A clarification of the Beacon's op-ed policy

In the Beacon’s opinion section, we are accustomed to respectfully editing the words of students who disagree with our private views and that of the Beacon’s editorial board. The diverse opinions we publish are what make that page an arena for students and faculty to exchange ideas.

NEASC review to take college's temperature

The peer review by external administrators and academics should help prevent Emerson from drowning in its own reflection. A school with such a fierce sense of its own personality risks out-of-touch immersion in its own mythology.

Election fatigue sets in during home stretch

As the finish line approaches, we must remember that the race to better our world continues beyond this election.

WLP majors deserve more credits

Costs that seem petty take their toll on the wallets of working students who, as Zaman said, sometimes consider the length of their work against the cost of printing.

Stopping the buck on Securitas’ shortcomings

Until recent developments, it appeared that last week’s Little Building intruder incident might have been a fluke.

Little Building intruder a reminder of urban perils

In the moment it takes to waltz past security, the safety of students can be irreversibly jeopardized.

Campus politicos gather in droves for debate

Campus engagement has increased, but debate watching parties and registration drives are not substitutes for meaningful participation with political issues.

Students need to prove their political convictions

With the stakes so high and the outcome so uncertain, Emerson students that claim to be interested in politics — whether they are the “Hope and Change” poster-hanging plurality, or the proudly cryptozoological Republicans — can’t sit on the sidelines.

Open SGA seats show lack of student engagement

It’s incumbent upon members of the student body to step up.

A record of failure at the dining hall

Unless you’re a competitive coin tosser, 50 percent success is not a promising record. According to the student handbook, Aramark—the company contracted by Business Services to operate dining facilities—would have been asked to pursue academic excellence elsewhere if it were an Emerson student. The dining service has passed inspections a mere half of the time that most of us have attended Emerson.

Asbestos penalties cloudily communicated

The air in the Colonial may not contain asbestos, but the college’s communication with students on the matter doesn’t smell right.

Letter to the editor from Interim Marketing Communication Chair Donald Hurwitz

"We are also trying, hard, to serve what are now upwards of 350 minors across Business, E3 and Marketing Communication, but we are especially constrained by shortages of space and faculty."

Letter to the editor from Naveed Easton '12

I don't expect this letter to get published since I haven't suckered my way up to having any flashy titles on campus. Either way, Emerson College deserves a news outlet with a clearer focus and stronger content, one that can constantly push for meaningful change on campus. Forget the style, focus on the substance. It’s a message that needs to be spread to the student body at large.

Editorial: SGA session a frosty Pelton pow-wow

Where SGA delivered questions that were wordy, somewhat repetitive, and novice-sounding, they were received by Pelton’s prepared talking points in a way that witnesses say seemed at times aggravated and aloof.

Editorial: Infighting and bloated agenda mar SGA plan

Politicians make lofty goals every day. “Reforming academics” in a college setting sounds as vague as “fixing the economy” does on a national scale. Like economic reform in American political discourse, academic reform oversimplifies dozens of diverse and often unrelated goals into an easily digestible buzz phrase.

Editorial: Journalistic integrity not a laughing matter

Boloco’s April Fool’s Day email may have given Emerson students momentary heart attacks with its claims to remove all free burritos and raise prices, but some tomfoolery this Sunday proved more offensive than funny.

Editorial: SGA candidate endorsements

The editorial board endorses candidates for executive positions and in contested races.

Editorial: Considerations for SGA candidates

We trust that SGA will keep fighting the big battles on our behalf. Those, like dining services reform, are essential. But as speech night nears, we want SGA candidates to consider how they can balance those lofty goals with results-based initiatives.

Editorial: SGA won't show us the money, again

In total, $69,250.62 of the student activities fee—that we pay in tuition—is unaccounted for in the SGA public record.

Trustees should seriously consider SGA’s recommendations

This week, our elected student leaders lobbied Emerson’s Board of Trustees with a list of 10 considerations to make while determining next year’s tuition increase.

SGA should make recognition rationale public

With steadily rising tuition costs, Emerson students know firsthand that money doesn’t grow on trees. Each semester, crestfallen organizations are denied funding from the Student Government Association because there simply isn’t enough cash in the pot for everyone. SGA recognition is something that needs to be earned; to receive a slice of the student activities fee, an organization ought to prove itself.

Em Dems convention appeal a missed opportunity

The generosity of hosting public forums—from events like last spring’s gubernatorial debate to the education town hall last week—speaks volumes to Emerson’s prominence in the community. Inviting others to share in our campus conversations is an integral part of Emerson’s dedication to open, constructive communication—and a hallmark of networking.

Editorial: Civic engagement efforts polish Emerson’s reputation

As the semester unfolds, we hope to see the college continue making impressive endeavors toward engagement.

Editorial: DC is the place to be in 2012

Internships abound. There are stories to be written for CNN or The Washington Post. Campaigns to be organized for Republicans and Democrats. Funds to be raised and fights fought for D.C.’s countless nonprofits.

Administration must increase sexual health services

We urge Halls to follow through with more than just talk. If administrators at the health center fail to take this up as an initiative, Halls should spearhead a grassroots campaign for proper STD testing services.

Trending resignations mar SGA’s professionalism

In the pages of last week’s Beacon, this editorial board called for a firmer demonstration of commitment and accountability among our Student Government Association representatives. It was to our dismay that a student leader who pledged “consistency” of service abandoned her post—joining the handful of her predecessors and colleagues from the class of 2013 who had similarly jumped ship.

SGA resignations reveal indifference to public service

Students who run for office make a commitment to their peers that they will serve a full term as SGA representatives.

Editorial: SGA amendment a blight on Emerson's core values

Last night, editors of this newspaper listened to WECB in anticipation of SGA election results that would ultimately relegate the Beacon to a subject of government control.

Vote “no” on the proposed constitutional amendments

While we disagree with eliminating our guaranteed funding because it will put us in an ethically challenging position as journalists -- inviting us to treat unfavorable coverage as biting the hand that feeds -- there are other issues in the proposed constitution that concern us.

The Beacon endorses Ben Halls for Class of 2015 President

Editorial: Ben Halls offers the strongest qualifications for the position of Class of 2015 President.

Proposed constitution change a conflict of interest

To maintain an independent check on the SGA, vote “no” on the new constitution.