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Senior's horror anthology picked up by pub club

Allison Rassmann recently invited her parents to an upcoming magazine launch party, but the senior writing, literature and publishing major is hiding a secret from her family. The Tuesday "launch" at the Bill Bordy Theater is actually for her first published book, Under Floorboards, Under Skin.

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Sophomore's band to open for Frankie Cosmos

Claire Foley and their band, Ultra Chapelle, is set to open for singer-Claire Foley didn't know how to play guitar, had never written music, or performed with a band. But a little over a year after starting out at open mic nights the sophomore and their band, Ultra Chapelle, is set to open for singer-songwriter Frankie Cosmos on Friday at the Cabaret. Frankie Cosmos on Friday at the Cabaret.  

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College speeds up shuttle service following delays

A delay that stranded one Hemenway resident for nearly two hours will bring improvements to the school's late-night shuttle service, according to Hemenway Residence Director Matthew Carney.

Candidates to run unopposed in SGA special election

The Student Government Association set a special election for Oct. 11 to fill six empty seats within the organization.