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Search for assistant dean of campus life nears end

The search for an assistant dean for campus life has been narrowed to three candidates, with a final decision expected from Associate Dean for Campus Life Erik Muurisepp this week.

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Projections transform Little Building into a work of art

Eerie music, a growing crowd, a mysterious countdown projected onto the Little Building—it was almost a dystopian scene on Boston Common Friday night.

Pelton addresses college's diversity shortcomings in letter

“All of us—administrators, faculty, staff and, of course, the president—must commit ourselves to redouble our efforts and quicken the pace of change at Emerson,” Pelton wrote.

SGA seeks to better Emerson's mobile app

The Student Government Association discussed ways to make the Emerson mobile app more relevant to students’ daily activities at their Tuesday meeting. The conversation came after  receiving an email from Emerson’s mobile app strategist asking how the app could meet students needs.

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Emerson alumnus wins Virginia House seat

“He cares about making a difference, and he cares about making changes in this world, and especially [in] this country, that will make life better for Americans,” Giustina said.

Student Government Association discusses response to faculty chair’s memo

“Being told we don't have proof of our experiences and discriminations on a day-to-day basis is just fundamentally wrong, stupid, and ignorant,” West said.

Unopposed candidates win SGA election

The results of the Student Government Association special election are in—with unopposed candidates Matthew Enriquez and Gregory Massimino-Garcia winning their elections for class of 2020 Vice President and class of 2018 President, respectively. Write-in candidate Lizzie Northey was also elected as Class of 2019 Treasurer.

SGA seeks solution for designated smoking area

As construction on the Little Building continues, Emerson smokers lack an appointed smoking area, and now flock to the Boylston Street sidewalk. A designated smoking area existed at the side entrance of the building on Tremont Street before renovations began this May.

Retail space reserved in Little Building

The first floor of the Little Building is set to be converted to a commercial retail space as renovations to the building continue said Arthur Mombourquette, senior associate vice president of real estate. The area will be available to outside companies looking to put in a shop or business.

Amelio talks campus climate survey at SGA

The Emerson360 Climate Survey was presented to the Student Government Association by Robert Amelio, director of diversity and inclusive excellence on Tuesday. The survey assess if work environments promote healthy and supportive conditions. This is the second time since 2014 that Emerson is offering the survey to students, staff, and faculty.

Spears talks social justice at SGA meeting

Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Sylvia Spears challenged the way the Emerson community looks at inclusivity during Student Government Association Tuesday meeting.

SGA selects Board of Trustees representative

The Student Government Association moved Tuesday to appoint new commissioners in various divisions of student life and the SGA representative to the Board of Trustees.

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Man shot on Boston Common

Students were told to lock and barricade their doors after both Emerson College and Boston police received reports of gunshots on the Boston Common around 6:50 p.m. on Tuesday.