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New food provider starts service at college

Emerson will see a number of changes to its dining hall and recycling methods this year with the arrival of the school’s new service provider, Sodexo.

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Community stands strong after bombings

Gathering to reflect upon and share stories from the bombing that abruptly ended the Boston Marathon, a tense and teary-eyed crowd filled the Cutler Majestic Theatre Wednesday morning. Members of the Emerson community gave their accounts of the incident, and thanked one another for their support over the past 72 hours.

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Poems, personas, and presenting in public

Students selected by their professors from 23 colleges in the Boston area read their poetry aloud for the 2013 Greater Boston Intercollegiate Undergraduate Poetry Festival last Thursday night at Boston College.

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Writing to be a part of the conversation

Whether with his family or with a national readership, Jabari Asim, 50, has always wanted to be a part of the conversation.

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Discussing sex and safety

Emerald Empowerment kicked off Monday night with its first speaker Jaclyn Friedman, an Emerson alumna and the author of What You Really Really Want: The Smart Girl’s Shame-Free Guide to Sex & Safety.

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Group starts Emerson's Aim to End Violence Week

A total of 33 students stood together in the cold in the gazebo on Boston Common, each holding a small, flickering candle, symbolizing the victims whose lives were taken Dec. 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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From degree to diplomacy

Communication studies alumna Kerry Velez was waiting at a table in Starbucks with two suitcases ready to go, a laptop open to a set of new emails, and a cup of coffee in hand. Velez was on her way back to Maryland, where she is now living. But travelling isn’t something new for Velez; she said she hopes to make a career out of it.

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Keeping the faith

President of Emerson Good News Fellowship Kate Caldwell, a junior writing, literature and publishing major, said she’s noticed a significant increase in members since she first joined the group her freshman year.

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EC Cash and dash: students swipe for taxi rides

With a quick swipe of an Emerson ID, EC Cash can be used as payment for food, laundry, and printing homework. EC Cash can also be used to pay for taxi rides, a new feature that went into effect in October.

Communicating science through film

The college is co-sponsoring a science communication workshop on Friday at the Boston Museum of Science, featuring two Emerson professors and an Emerson alumnus on the discussion panel.

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Controversy and comedy in Pelton parody

An Emerson student has gotten creative with Twitter by developing a new parody account called @DatPeltonSwag, where students can find comical posts involving President M. Lee Pelton.

Controversy and comedy in Pelton parody

An Emerson student has gotten creative with Twitter by developing a new parody account called @DatPeltonSwag, where students can find comical posts involving President M. Lee Pelton.

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Survival of the published

With established competitors like Em Magazine and Gauge on campus, it can be a difficult task to prove worthy of picking up from the newsstand.

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ECPD plans instructional courses for students

In an effort to increase community familiarity and educate students about an array of safety measures, Emerson College Police Department officers are working on programs and classes to be implemented early next year.

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Mustaches make money for men's health

Emerson’s branch of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), hosted a fundraising event last Thursday to officially kick off the start of ‘Movember.”

Students upset over leaks

A pump in the Paramount Center Residence Hall’s rooftop mechanical room failed last Monday, causing water damage to three dorm rooms, according to Jay Phillips, the associate president of facilities management. Students in the affected rooms complained of leaking ceiling tiles, mold, and damp walls.