Men's volleyball roster filled with freshman recruits

by Tyler Deffebach / Beacon Correspondent • January 31, 2013

The men's volleyball ushered in the largest recruitment class in the program's history.
The men's volleyball ushered in the largest recruitment class in the program's history.

The men's volleyball team welcomed six new freshman to its lineup at the beginning of this year, making it one of the largest men's volleyball recruitment classes in Emerson's history, according to Head Coach Ben Read.

Currently, there are more freshmen on the men's volleyball team than sophomore, junior, and senior players combined.

“I think we are a young team with a lot of potential,” said Stephen Carr, a freshman visual media arts major. “Right now we are trying to do our best to come together as a team and we have very high exceptions for the next four years.”

Despite the team's strong start, going 4-1 in it’s first five games, the team has lost its last three, dropping to a 4-4 overall record.

The team is also 0-1 in conference play.

Since the program's start in 2008, the men's volleyball team is 16-35 according to team records obtained from the GNAC website.

“We really needed this recruitment class,” Read said. “We needed this to push us up to a more competitive level. We will need another recruiting class similar to this one to compete with the top teams in the league, but now at least we can compete with them.”

Nadav Swarttz, one of the team's captains, said the freshmen are quickly adapting to college-level play and are a vital component to the team.

“There is no babysitting,” Swarttz, a senior marketing communication major. “They have all accepted their roles, they all have big roles, and they are all eager to win. The older players on the team definitely don't have to hold their hand.”

Ben Hillman, a freshman visual and media arts major, said despite the team's age he is confident in the team's ability to win.

“I don't think our team will go through a rebuilding phase at all,” Hillman said. “I think that because we know we have three more years together we have a nothing to lose attitude and we have absolutely no fear.”