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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Breaking the silence, breaking the mold

We want the paper to be an engaging source that works with and for our readership, not just a detached news outlet that operates independent of the community.

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Tired of being tired: physical illness and mental health

Mono made me depressed. And depression is just as debilitating as any physical symptoms and deserves to be taken as seriously.

Letter to the Editor: Women's basketball team responds to toxic masculinity op-ed

We hope to start an Emerson-wide conversation about sexual harassment and toxic masculinity and to educate those that have turned a blind eye to these issues.

The strange nature of success

Aside from hard work and persistence, very little else we do has a direct impact on our futures. Luck is our sun, chance our north star.

Women deserve to feel safe on their own campus

Now more than ever, it is vital that women feel they can safely approach authorities and be heard when they come forward.

Social spaces should cover the bases

At a college where more than half of students live off campus, there are virtually no social spaces for those students to gather.

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Off the court and on guard: the culture of sexual assault and toxic masculinity in Emerson athletics

The performative attitude of the men’s basketball team is part of a larger, unchecked culture of toxic masculinity at Emerson that is harmful to the mental health of all involved.

Letter to the Editor: Bright Lights curator responds to Marsha P. Johnson editorial

Showing this film has furthered the conversation about important topics such as academic honesty, representation, and creative freedom.

Plagiarism does not deserve discourse

Although public discourse is essential in sharing ideas and opinions, it’s hard to ignore how this screening presented France with yet another platform to defend himself.

Let's agree to be mean

When students can coast through workshops with shoddy writing, or get through four years without taking a single class on the practicalities of publishing, the whole major suffers.

Letter to the Editor: Faculty Council responds to Lowrie memo and student protests

We re-commit ourselves to fair and inclusive education

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Black and brown and not read all over

The United States loves to call itself a nation of immigrants but often fails to truly promote diversity or allow itself to be represented as more than white. College literature classes are just a microcosm of this same phenomenon.

Staff salaries are more important than real estate

The priorities of the administration should not be buildings, but the people they house.

The fraught intersection of mental health and queer identity

Many health care providers—players in a $3 trillion dollar industry—often fail to provide adequate and informed care for LGBTQ individuals.

Letter to the Editor: Ad-Hoc Committee on Cultural Competency response to student protest and Lowrie memo

Your protest and your vision for what this college might yet be reminds us why we love Emerson as well.