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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Unopposed candidates win SGA election

The results of the Student Government Association special election are in—with unopposed candidates Matthew Enriquez and Gregory Massimino-Garcia winning their elections for class of 2020 Vice President and class of 2018 President, respectively. Write-in candidate Lizzie Northey was also elected as Class of 2019 Treasurer.

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College speeds up shuttle service following delays

A delay that stranded one Hemenway resident for nearly two hours will bring improvements to the school's late-night shuttle service, according to Hemenway Residence Director Matthew Carney.

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College staff in union protest low wages

“Every building, they’ve used as an excuse as to why they don’t have enough money to raise our base wages,” she said.

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College swaps emergency alert systems

“The functionality was lacking,” Beaurpere said. “[Rave Alert] has greater capacity as an emergency notification system.”

Kasteel Well staff advises students against travel to Spain

WELL, the Netherlands—The Office of Student Affairs is strongly advising students at the Kasteel Well Program to not go to Spain because of the political challenges and violence in the country.

SGA seeks solution for designated smoking area

As construction on the Little Building continues, Emerson smokers lack an appointed smoking area, and now flock to the Boylston Street sidewalk. A designated smoking area existed at the side entrance of the building on Tremont Street before renovations began this May.

College removes classroom trash bins to promote recycling

“We’re saving a lot on a lot of labor and single-use bags being put in these small waste bins in many different classrooms,” Elvidge said. “That money and labor is being allotted to more important causes that students, staff, and faculty care more about.”

Campus resources distinguished by disclosure

“We only share information with people who need to know. We do respect people’s privacies but do have processes in place that require us to take certain actions,” he said.

Retail space reserved in Little Building

The first floor of the Little Building is set to be converted to a commercial retail space as renovations to the building continue said Arthur Mombourquette, senior associate vice president of real estate. The area will be available to outside companies looking to put in a shop or business.

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Petition preserves music behind the counter

An unidentified student posted a petition titled “Keep the Music Behind the Counter” in the dining center near the sandwich station. Within a couple of days, the petition gathered a surplus of signatures, prompting a second sheet for students to sign.

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Contest to determine name of 2 Boylston Cafe

“Selecting the name is one piece of it,” Hoppe said.“We also look at how that fits into a marketing plan[for the cafe] and how we can present it.”

Spotlight journalist discusses future of the field

“It’s sort of unimaginable that an institution that is supposed to care for children would let this kind of abuse go on,” said decorated journalist Walter Robinson in an event hosted in the Semel Theatre on October 3.

Amelio talks campus climate survey at SGA

The Emerson360 Climate Survey was presented to the Student Government Association by Robert Amelio, director of diversity and inclusive excellence on Tuesday. The survey assess if work environments promote healthy and supportive conditions. This is the second time since 2014 that Emerson is offering the survey to students, staff, and faculty.

Judge rules in favor of college in second Title IX lawsuit

A federal judge in the District of Massachusetts ruled in favor of the college in the 2014 “Jillian Doherty v. Emerson College” Title IX lawsuit on Tuesday, in which Doherty claimed the college was negligent in the investigation of her claims of sexual assault.

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