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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Student Government Association discusses response to faculty chair’s memo

“Being told we don't have proof of our experiences and discriminations on a day-to-day basis is just fundamentally wrong, stupid, and ignorant,” West said.

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Colonial Theatre to reopen with Moulin Rouge!

“My mom and grandparents, who have lived in the area their whole lives, saw much of their live theater at the Colonial while growing up,” he said. “The fact that I may someday be able to appear on that stage thanks to Emerson is something truly special.”

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2 Boylston elevators stall, raise accessibility concerns

Campus Services and Facilities received five reports of elevator-related incidents in the 2 Boylston Place residence hall in October. Reports included student entrapments, delays, and internal malfunctions.

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Student surge to Eastie raised gentrification concerns

“If the students are in housing in neighborhoods, it means the community is pushed out of housing in their own neighborhoods by students,” she said. “Families want to stay together. They grow up, they go off to college, they come back, they can’t live in their own neighborhoods. A lot of housing is not affordable in general.”

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Student survey postponed due to protest

“We heard it over and over again and read it on signs, ‘No more surveys, we’ve given you feedback. Please don’t ask us anymore,’” Amelio said. “Could we really roll out the student survey on the heels of students saying ‘enough, stop it?’”

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Faculty assembly chair calls for 'less witch-hunting' in wake of protest

The chair of Emerson’s faculty assembly in an email Monday afternoon wrote that students and the Ad-Hoc Committee on Cultural Competency falsely accused faculty of discrimination.

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Union considers incorporating distinguished faculty

“Over the years there have been benefits that have fallen over to the tenure faculty that the term faculty did not receive,” Robert Colby, performing arts professor and president of the ECCAAUP said. “Though the current administration has gone a long way to ensure that access to travel funds, research funds, and so forth, are now available to term faculty.”

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Hundreds protest against racism, present demands

“You’re all educators, you all have multiple degrees, why should we have to educate you about the issues we face? Why is it our job? Unless Emerson wants to start paying me a salary,” SGA intercultural commissioner Chala Tshitundu said. “You will always have something more to do, something more to learn, but you will not learn it from me because that is not my job.”

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Emerson Launch rebrands with new space

Emerson Launch opened itself to all students this semester, regardless of major or entrepreneurial background. The recent open house debuted the program’s new space and provided information on changes and developments within the organization.

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Emerson Feminists to focus on community outreach

Emerson Feminists are making a comeback this semester with plans to host open group discussions and to involve themselves in the community with service projects.

First conservative speaker draws small crowd

After year-long contention over how, or if, to invite right-wing voices to campus, the college kicked off its “Conservative Speaker Series” on Thursday, Oct. 12  with a lecture on conservative economics.

Incident Journal

The Incident Journal is provided to the Beacon weekly by the Emerson College Police Department. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity, but not for content.

Emerson partners with Paris College of Art

“It’s a natural progression that we would partner with an institution like PCA, given its strength in art and design, and so forth, in fine arts, and given our profile,” Pinder said.