Literary orgs granted money

by Rebecca Fiore / Beacon Staff • March 21, 2013

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Ross Wagenhofer (right) presents his org's work
Ross Wagenhofer (right) presents his org's work

Atlas Magazine was granted $3,240 to print 500 copies of one issue for this semester from the Student Government Association at Tuesday’s joint session meeting.  

“If we didn’t receive funding from SGA, we wouldn’t be able to print at all this semester,” said Sarah Dwyer, editor-in-chief of Atlas, at the meeting. “We would like to take advantage of the fact that we can appeal for SGA funds.”

Atlas was recognized by the SGA last semester.

To fundraise, the magazine sold subscription cards for family and friends of the writers on Atlas. Each card costs $15 and pays for the printing of one issue and shipping costs, according to Dwyer. This semester Atlas sold 10 cards.

“We don’t want to charge the Emerson community for them. The subscriptions are for family members and people who don’t live in the Boston area who cannot grab an issue off the newsstands,” the senior writing, literature, and publishing major said.

According to Dwyer, the subscription is just a service the organization provides to family and friends and is not intended to be the sole way of making money.

The vote passed unanimously by all members present.

In the same session Tuesday, The Undergraduate Students for Publishing received $500 to print Generic, a literary magazine.

Ross Wagenhofer, co-president of the organization, said Generic is the only literary magazine on campus that exclusively publishes genre writing, and helps students who are interested in that style of writing. 

Assistant treasurer of Undergraduate Students for Publishing Sydney Hermanson said the magazine is printed at the Emerson print and copy center. Last year the club printed 150 copies; this year it is looking to print 200 for a total cost of $450. Hermanson said the remaining $50 will go toward the book launch.

Wagenhofer said the book launch and the Generic launch will likely be April 26.

“[Undergraduate Students for Publishing] is the largest [writing, literature, and publishing] organization on campus,” said Hermanson. “We use E-Board members to teach genre workshops.” 

“There are no genre fiction options for writing classes,” said senior Jenna McPadden, SGA class of 2013 president. “The fact that they provide these workshops when the school doesn’t even have them is really great.”

The motion passed unanimously by all present members.  

The remaining SGA appeals budget is $7,457.59.