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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Broadcasting from Rotch Field to beyond

When Athletic Director Patricia Nicol was hired less than three years ago, she was told that streaming a game from Rotch Playground and Field—the South End home of the soccer, softball, and lacrosse teams—could never happen.

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Tony-nominated alumna premieres on primetime

During her time as a performing arts student, Emily Skeggs earned three EVVY nominations for acting. After graduation, her collegiate success was far from over.

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Color conscious casting shakes up the classics

Emerson Shakespeare Society began the spring semester with a new and timely initiative—to not accept any productions for their spring semester season that did not include actors of color.

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Being on brand is in demand: aesthetics take precedence in personal presentation

There once was a time when our artwork was autographed with messy handprints slapped on with paint. These days, it’s not actually so different; in the age of social media and constant content creation, personal branding is imperative to artists at Emerson. Instagram users are familiar with the concept of themes, or similarities between posts creating a coherent mosaic of pictures.

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Economic inequality causes disconnect on campus

Before she left high school, Sam Longo was never confronted with the fact that she was poor.

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Auditions and advocacy prove dramatic

As a Bachelor of Fine Arts acting major, junior Riley Hillyer was planning on auditioning for Emerson Stage, a requirement that he was happy to fulfill. He was also looking forward to attending the Women’s March in D.C. as an ally. He can’t do both.

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Student accounts expose flaws in ECPD conduct

Three students said ECPD’s response to their reports of assault lacked timely response, trauma sensitivity, or appropriate follow-up.

VBALL’s Hope for NCAA Tourney Bid Quickly Fading

Even with a 13-6 overall record so far this season, surpassing last year’s, the door for a tournament bid is quickly closing for the Lions.

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Poli-Com Athletes At Work As Final Buzzer Nears

When sports journalists or professional athletes share their social views, they’re typically met with at least some pushback.

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Alumnus Watsky mentors, invites junior to perform at his Boston tour stop

“That’s something that I love about music. There could be people around the world who you don’t know and could never meet who are listening to your song,” Abeles said. “That’s my biggest goal—to be able to travel the world and share my music with everybody.”

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Emerson alumn gets cheeky on new website

“Cheeky Business is essentially a culmination of my advocacy,” Cunningham said, “[It] is a call to action to disrupt sex-negative culture, to defy stigma. Women deserve stress-free erotic spaces more than anything else.”

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Bringing Emerson into the bagel biz: A schmear toward success

“If studying film at Emerson has taught me anything, it’s how to be adaptable,” Schreiber said. “Nothing ever goes as planned, but everyone always manages to make it work.”

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POWER — moving forward with change

Now about a year old, the student task force POWER continues to influence the Emerson community to step-up cultural competency among faculty, administration, and students.

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New comedy major is nothing to laugh about

"It's going to take a while for the culture to change a bit, but I think that having a comedy degree is going to help you in comedy," said Mike Bent, comedy professor, on the future of the new major.

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Lanson looks forward to travel, time with family

“I don’t really like the word ‘retirement,’ because it’s not in my nature to stop doing things,” Jerry Lanson said.