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Sunday, October 25, 2020

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Students deck the halls

Halloween and Thanksgiving are over. According to most, it’s finally time to get into the holiday spirit. Many on campus are already honoring the season by decorating their dorm rooms or suites.

Finding power in the limitless playlist

I hope in the face of new challenges, whether it’s years of political and societal uncertainty or industry-changing technology, music will still be a predecessor to progress. This stays true as long as music is kept a living, breathing force, even in the digital corners of the internet in playlists shared between friends.

Beacon picks: holiday flicks

Now that Thanksgiving is over and December has finally arrived, it’s officially the holiday season. It’s the perfect time to curl up on the couch and watch your favorite holiday movie. Here are ten festive film recommendations from the Beacon staff to keep you warm this winter.

Students' create short film based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Last month, Hope Alexander, a sophomore visual and media arts major, approached her friends and pitched the idea for a short horror film. Three weeks later, it was shot and ready for editing.

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Students embrace "guerrilla art"

“You don’t need money to create theater, you just need a space that exists already,” Harmer said.

Songs We're Thankful For

No matter how different all these songs might be, if they’re on the list it's because we’re thankful they exist.

Reading Between the Lines: Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden

What makes this story such a quintessential melodrama is both the nature of the characters and the fact that none of them are what they initially seem.

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Cultures come together, share rhythms

"I think [the event] is important because Emerson is so lacking in diversity." —Sophomore Christopher Streat

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Expression necessary to evolution: Emerson community members respond to election with art

"Any kind of art form really helps people express their bottled-up emotions, and it also gives the opportunity for us to learn." ­—Junior Madeleine Derveloy

“This world is bullshit”; finding inspiration in Fiona Apple’s fearless attitude

It is in emotion that Fiona Apple finds strength.

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Alum doc follows young blind woman, explores beauty

“People don’t seem to see people with disabilities as being sexual, and, trust me, I am,” Smith said.

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Elma Lewis Center asks “What America Will Be”

All of the panelists expressed hope in the future and the ability of the American people—particularly younger generations—to enact change.

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Feminist website editors tackle gender with new satirical book

"We get to portray things in a way that women are thinking about in their day-to-day lives." ­—Beth Newell, co-founder of Reductress

Promising debut novel Homegoing covers generations of stories

Reading Homegoing feels less like you’re experiencing the novel’s plot with the characters so much as it feels like you’re floating above them—dipping into their lives when their personal narratives have reached a turning point and then dipping back out to view their family lineage from a bird’s eye view.