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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Senior's horror anthology picked up by pub club

Allison Rassmann recently invited her parents to an upcoming magazine launch party, but the senior writing, literature and publishing major is hiding a secret from her family. The Tuesday "launch" at the Bill Bordy Theater is actually for her first published book, Under Floorboards, Under Skin.

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Projections transform Little Building into a work of art

Eerie music, a growing crowd, a mysterious countdown projected onto the Little Building—it was almost a dystopian scene on Boston Common Friday night.

Hometown hip-hop: Regional influences in rap

These are the artists I find most interesting: the ones who filter their own vision through a specific regional tradition to create something both familiar and new.

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The story of campus cult classic, Love. Bacardi. Boston.

Dane Shubert ‘13 could have made a one-to-four minute movie for his Visual and Media Arts Production class freshman year. Instead, he brought a 32 minute drama to class that is still being viewed seven years later. Alongside his roommates and friends, he created Emerson’s cult classic, Love. Bacardi. Boston.

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Marsha P. Johnson director brought to campus amid controversy

Anna Feder, the curator of the Bright Lights film series, screened The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson on Tuesday despite allegations of plagiarism against the film's director. The award-winning Netflix documentary is about Johnson, an African-American gay rights activist, drag queen, and prominent figure of the 1969 Stonewall Riots.

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Sophomore's band to open for Frankie Cosmos

Claire Foley and their band, Ultra Chapelle, is set to open for singer-Claire Foley didn't know how to play guitar, had never written music, or performed with a band. But a little over a year after starting out at open mic nights the sophomore and their band, Ultra Chapelle, is set to open for singer-songwriter Frankie Cosmos on Friday at the Cabaret. Frankie Cosmos on Friday at the Cabaret.  

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The Wolff Sisters hunt for spot at music festival

Last weekend, senior Kat Wolff and her band the Wolff Sisters and the Last Cavalry started recording their first album with a goal in mind: to perform in front of audiences across the country and to land a spot at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island.

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Amigos hosts US premiere of freshman's feature film

Freshman Pedro Noah Espinola’s first feature film Saber Crecer ran in theaters in Paraguay for three weeks before its American premiere Monday.

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ArtsEmerson's student actors: To pay, or not to pay?

Kiss, a play produced by ArtsEmerson, features over 20 Emerson student actors, designers, and managers. But the play also includes one professional actress. An audition notice posted on Broadway World listed her pay as $568 a week. All the students involved with Kiss are working unpaid.

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Q&A: Author and activist Jaclyn Friedman '04

Speaking with the Beacon, Friedman discussed beginning her career as an anti-rape activist, holding Emerson administration accountable, and kickstarting change in the Trump era.

Minimalist music: Folk as an antidote to maximalism

In a world that encourages us to constantly work ourselves at maximum speed, Shannon Lay’s exhortation to embrace life’s small moments of beauty and Florist’s message of honest but hopeful reassurance remind me to slow down, breathe, and take a quiet moment for myself.

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Students lead comic book club's comeback

After a two-year hiatus, Artful Comics’ print publication is making a comeback. The organization’s executive board, headed by president Rachael Marks, is reviving the organization this semester.

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Senior brings supernatural sci-fi series to Somerville

Combine Live with Kelly and Ryan with The X-Files and you get Signs of Life, a parody talk show created by senior Arden Jurskis. The show will air on Somerville Community Access Television.

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Grant-winning board game advocates for women in politics

Feminism might not be a common theme of family game night, but graduate student Jessica Weaver and undergraduate senior Beverly Bates are trying to change that. Last month, the duo won the 2017 Feminism in Action Grant to pilot 2121, a board game designed to encourage young women to run for political office.

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Persevering professor earns playwriting fellowship

MJ Halberstadt ‘10 applied to The Huntington Theatre Company Fellows program for 10 years straight. This time, the affiliated faculty member was finally chosen as a 2017 Huntington Theatre Playwriting Fellow.