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Monday, June 17, 2019

Diversity in Departments: Continuing Coverage

Diversity in Departments: Institute reevaluates cultural perspectives

The institute for liberal arts and interdisciplinary studies is reevaluating the courses for the required global and United States diversity perspective courses to ensure they adequately address issues of cultural competency, according to Cara Moyer-Duncan, an assistant professor of Africana studies.

Diversity in Departments: Comm science aims to remove bias from treatment

Students in the communication sciences and disorders department need to understand the cultural and ethnic backgrounds of their patients, according to Amit Bajaj, an associate professor and undergraduate program director.

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Diversity in Departments: Performing arts attempts to improve casting

The performing arts department is using its casting policies and production choices to improve diversity, according to Melia Bensussen, professor and chair.

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Diversity in Departments: Communication studies connects with community

The communication studies department seeks to improve diversity through immersion by partnering with a local outreach program for students from low-income communities, Bird Street Community Center.

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Diversity in Departments: Bringing research into marketing communication

The marketing communication department’s two main goals for this academic year are improving diversity and fostering a sense of a community within the program, according to Brenda Wrigley, chair.

Diversity in Departments: Journalism seeks underrepresented voices

The journalism department is focusing on inclusivity by encouraging students to acquire diverse sources and pay attention to underrepresented communities, according to Paul Niwa, associate professor and chair.

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Diversity in Departments: VMA focuses on unbiased casting, inclusive examples

Visual and media arts faculty are working towards incorporating cultural competency into the curriculum by focusing on diverse casting and inclusive screenwriting, according to Brooke Knight, associate professor and interim chair of the department.

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Diversity in Departments: WLP creates culture-focused courses

The writing, literature, and publishing department continues to advance cultural competency efforts as a result of the Faculty Assembly’s ad hoc Cultural Competency Task Force. According to Maria Koundoura, the department chair, the movement to make the curriculum more diverse has been in the process for a while.