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Kasteel Well staff advises students against travel to Spain

WELL, the Netherlands—The Office of Student Affairs is strongly advising students at the Kasteel Well Program to not go to Spain because of the political challenges and violence in the country.

SGA presents plans for academic improvement

The Student Government Association approved an initiative that calls for improvements in the college’s academic departments and changes across the campus that would help the students.

Incident Journal

The Incident Journal for April 3 to April 16.

SGA constitution amends funding requirements

A new amendment to the Student Government Association constitution will allow organizations with restrictive memberships to file for SGA recognition and funding as long as they maintain the college’s mission of Inclusive Excellence.

SGA works toward transparency

The Student Government Association members brainstormed solutions for communication and transparency issues within the organization, like student outreach.

Next SGA president hopes to improve communication

After joining the Student Government Association her second semester freshman year, Anne Makielski said her involvement in the organization is one of the most valuable experiences she’s had at college.

SGA talks religion with campus chaplain

Emerson’s new Director of Religious and Spiritual Life and Campus Chaplain Harrison Blum discussed potential spiritual and religious events with the Student Government Association at Tuesday’s meeting.

Incident Journal

The Incident Journal for March 20 to April 2.

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SGA-student communication falls short

Problems with communication and engagement are part of the reason that all the Student Government Association candidates on this year’s ballot are unopposed and most are current members.

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SGA: An unrecognized organization

“This is a problem that has been around since I have been here,” Solomon said. “It was worse when I was a freshman. I don’t want this as an excuse... I only say that as a statement of fact.”

SGA finances greek life dance marathon fundraiser

Alpha Phi Omega will host an overnight dance marathon in April with funds from a Student Government Association appeal.

Don’t pick on his penis, pick on his policies

When people attack Trump's looks, they take away the importance of his actions to his looks, which are not nearly as significant.

EAGLE to hold week of sex education events

Emerson’s Alliance for Gays, Lesbians, and Everyone will host two weeks of LGBTQ sexual education awareness with funds from a Student Government Association appeal granted last Thursday.

SGA funds ASIA cultural month

Asian Students for Intercultural Awareness received funding this Tuesday for its annual cultural month, which will highlight diverse stories of Asians and Asian-Americans. The theme for the month is storytellers, and the organization will invite guest speaker Kelvin Yu, a writer and producer on Bob’s Burgers.

Incident Journal

The Incident Journal for March 13 to March 19.

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All SGA candidates running unopposed

The only students running for any position in the Student Government Association elections this year—excluding potential write-ins—are unopposed, largely current members.

Incident Journal

The Incident Journal for Feb. 27 to March 12.

Incident Journal

The Incident Journal for Feb. 20 to Feb. 25.

Faculty assembly votes to assert values

Faculty members at Tuesday’s Faculty Assembly meeting learned that the make-up day for last month’s snow day will be moved from a Saturday in April to the last weekend in March.

SGA funds EVVY Awards, Flawless Brown

The show will have VDA design the set this year instead of students because the current students are not prepared enough to build it.

Incident Journal

The Incident Journal for Feb. 6 to Feb. 19.

SGA discusses campus climate review

Emerson’s director of intercultural affairs introduced a plan to the Student Government Association to bring students of different cultural backgrounds together to better assess the college’s campus culture next semester.

SGA talks concerns, elects two officers

The Student Government Association considered student concerns about career services, sustainability, and resources to present to the Board of Trustees. Gabriela Kula, executive vice president, mentioned difficulties students have finding jobs after graduation.

Crime Log

Crime log for Jan. 24 to Jan. 29

UNITE petitions for sanctuary campus

Emerson Understanding National Immigration Through Education (UNITE) wants the campus to begin taking action to protect and support undocumented students and staff, which includes declaring the college a Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) school.

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Cultural orgs join refugee ban protest

Emerson multicultural organizations rescheduled a retreat Sunday to join a protest for immigration and Muslim rights in Copley Square.

Crime Log

Crime Log for Jan. 1 to Jan. 21.

SGA backs new sanctuary campus petition

Student Government Association voted to unanimously support a new petition requesting Emerson to publicly declare itself a sanctuary campus to assist undocumented students.

SGA recognizes new orgs

In their most recent meeting, the Student Government Association funded a variety of organizations to help them produce scripts, music, and virtual reality.

SGA funds Freakin' Beakin print issue

One of Emerson’s satirical news organizations, Hyena Comedy, will print an issue of the Freakin’ Beakin for the first time since 2014, thanks to almost $250 in Student Government Association funding.

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Emerson Buddy System takes off

“It’s showing so much about our community and how much we want to care for each other and support each other, even if it is just walking,” Clark said.

SGA approves film gear grant

Students in Emerson’s chapter of the National Broadcasting Society(NBS) will buy a new camera after the Student Government Association approved an appeal for funds last Tuesday.

Students react to election results

America has spoken, but a cloud of confusion cast its shadow at Emerson the day after Donald Trump became President-elect.

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New minor could change storytelling education

A new interdepartmental minor called “Nonfiction Narratives”—which will include courses from journalism; visual and media arts; writing, literature and publishing; and performing arts departments—may be offered next fall.

SGA funds Mercutio Troupe

The Student Government Association granted an appeal Tuesday to Mercutio Troupe for its production of In the Heights and reviewed discussions with the Board of Trustees.

SGA grants fashion funds

At their meeting on Tuesday, the Student Government Association granted appeals to a number of student organizations to help them fund fashion shows and trips to both western Massachusetts and the West Coast.

SGA grants Emertainment funds, elects new officers

On Tuesday, the Student Government Association elected two new members and granted an appeal for funds that will enable Emertainment Monthly staff to attend New York Comic Con.