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The Berkeley Beacon Burrito Bonanza

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Food fest brings international tastes to Emerson

Students gathered in the Bill Bordy around small tables and sat on the floor. A long line spilled out the door. The earthy smell of falafel wafted through the air, mixing with the fishy scent of sushi. Members of the Emerson community filled the theater, not looking for a film or a play, but instead looking to travel the world’s kitchens.

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Student Spotlight: Fourth year, fourth finish

On Monday, over 26,000 runners crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon. One of them was Logan Reever.

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Cheer team brings bras to homeless

Normally, the Emerson College Cheerleaders occupy their time by backing the school’s athletic teams. This spring, however, they’re aiming to provide support of a different kind.

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Students to walk in support of suicide prevention

Last semester, Suzie Hicks sat in class, idly scrolling through her Facebook feed in a desperate attempt to relieve her boredom. Through the site’s typically endless feed of political opinions, cute animal photos, and easy recipe videos cycled through Hicks’ screen, one post stood out.

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Q&A: Dana Morgan, lawyer and pageant champ

Emerson alumna Dana Morgan’s dreams didn’t always focus on a courtroom. Instead, she dreamed of a crown. Although she recently formed her own law firm centered on issues related to immigration, Morgan grew up idolizing beauty pageant contestants and hoping to be one.

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Finding power through postcards

Last week, a variety of students filled the Iwasaki Library’s CoLab. This wasn’t a quiet study session. Instead, these students were intent on making their voices heard.

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"She persisted." He put it on a shirt

Late on the evening of Feb. 7, Matt Rudinski, ‘12, was scrolling through his Twitter feed. On this seemingly quiet night, Rudinski found an uproar. Liberals were angry, and they had a new rallying cry. And Rudinski decided he had a role to play. “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Students party for Planned Parenthood

When President Trump was elected in November, most of Emerson was quiet. The mix of confusion, anger, and sadness brought a somber silence that permeated campus. However, it didn’t last long.

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Computer bytes by day, macaroni bites by night

Two friends stand side by side in a small, well-lit kitchen. One wears a clean white chef’s outfit and holds two boxes of store-brand boxed macaroni and cheese. His friend, garbed in a casual hoodie, holds back a smile. To their left, large pots of boiling water sit on a stove, steam shooting out from holes in each lid. To their right, a wooden table is covered in various cooking utensils.

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Selfies surge on Facebook

When Danielle Shvartsman snapped a picture of herself in a mirror within Los Angeles’ famous Magic Castle, she was disappointed. She liked the photo, but had nowhere to post it.

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Alumna all set for first book launch

Ashley Blom never thought of herself as a chef. Growing up in Hatfield, a small town in western Massachusetts, her mother would constantly make fun of her for not knowing how to cook. Now, the Emerson alumna is gearing up to publish her first book.

Crime Log

Crime Log for Nov. 28 to Dec. 4

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Man stabbed on Boylston

Blood splattered the sidewalk in front of Einstein Bros. Bagels Sunday night after the third stabbing incident to occur near Emerson’s campus this semester, according to Emerson College Police Department.

Crime Log

The Crime Log for Nov. 15 to Nov. 25.

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Faculty approves sanctuary campus proposal

The college’s faculty voted to declare Emerson a sanctuary campus for undocumented immigrants in last week’s faculty assembly.

Crime Log

This week's crime log.

Crime Log

This week's crime log.

Crime Log

This week's crime log.

Diversity training moves to expand

Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Sylvia Spears estimated that more than two-thirds of all faculty members have participated in some sort of diversity training, and about 100 of over 450 faculty members have engaged in the Inclusive Excellence Faculty Fellows Program, an annual in-depth diversity workshop.

Crime Log

This week's crime log.

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VMA students deal with equipment expenses

For video production classes that require traditional film instead of digital cameras, students typically need more than is provided for them through the class, according to Brooke Knight, chair of visual and media arts.

Crime Log

This week's crime log.

Teach-in to touch on racial issues

In an effort to spur conversation about race-related issues at Emerson, the college is convening a teach-in at various locations across campus.

Crime Log

This week's crime log.

Second stabbing prompts increased security

For the second time in just a few weeks, a stabbing has occurred near campus.

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Journo students jump into mentorship roles

The Journalism Undergraduate Mentorship Program, commonly known as JUMP, pairs incoming journalism students with juniors and seniors in the department.

Seven stabbed near campus

Seven men were stabbed with broken bottles and knives. Two of the victims required surgery, the Boston Globe reported.

Crime Log as of Sep. 29

An update of crime on campus and in the area.

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Paramount main stage renamed for ArtsEmerson founder

Despite the giant neon sign on Washington Street, the main stage inside the Paramount Center will soon bear a new name.

Crime Log

The Emerson College crime log for Sep. 1 - Sep. 15, 2016.

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Polling Society survey shows Trump closing gap

The Emerson College Polling Society released results last Thursday from a national poll that showed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a close tie.

New majors welcome comedy and commerce

“Unlike some of the other courses—where you sit in class and hear a lecture—we wanted these courses to have more hands-on, experiential learning,” Reeb said

College remembers former professor

“He was a great professor, beloved by many students and faculty,” said Pelton, who began at Emerson after Crannell had already retired but got to know him at alumni events. “He had kind of a heroic stature among faculty.”

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Gender inclusive restrooms added

"—You have to understand the story that’s bigger than just the changing restrooms.”

Petition created in response to cancellation of ELA Acting class

Students and alumni in the college’s performing arts community have created a petition to voice their displeasure with Emerson Los Angeles’s choice to stop offering The Business of Acting class for the fall semester.

Accurate polling brings national credibility to society

On the brink of the 2016 presidential elections, the Emerson College Polling Society nearly tripled the number of polls it conducted this semester.

Campus email will move to cloud server

The Emerson Information Technology Department expects to move towards cloud-based services, especially for the email accounts of students and faculty.

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Engagement Lab partners with local institutions in Boston Civic Media Consortium

Members of Emerson’s faculty have partnered with other colleges and organizations around the area to form the Boston Civic Media Consortium, a network aimed at advancing research on multiple levels throughout the city.

OHRL looks to fill Senior Associate position

The Office of Housing and Residence Life is looking for a new Senior Associate Director. Amanda Turnley, now director of assessment, care and case management in Student Life, held the position until the beginning of the semester.

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Students head to Iowa, NH for elections

Last weekend, 19 students flew to Ames, Iowa, to get a firsthand look at the campaign trails of various candidates and witness Monday’s caucus, in which Ted Cruz beat stiff Republican competition while Hillary Clinton edged out a narrow victory over Bernie Sanders.

New creative business major announced

A major designed to let students mix their creative instincts with a business education is available starting in fall 2016, according to a press release from the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Students work with Boston food bank

The Greater Boston Food Bank accepted a marketing plan Monday designed by Emerson seniors to give the organization a greater online presence.

Polling Society publishes local, national results on presidential race

The Emerson College Polling Society has released data that shows Donald Trump has a sizeable lead in Massachusetts, and that Hillary Clinton is pulling ahead of Bernie Sanders.

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New media suite for journalism department

The journalism department is almost finished building a high-tech media suite on the sixth floor of the Walker Building according to Paul Niwa, chair of the department.

Student starts new chapter of food site

Get out your lobster bibs and bring on the chowdah, Spoon University is coming to Emerson.

Polling society releases results on sports, politics

The Emerson College Polling Society published the results of their most recent national poll, which show that the country is split on “deflategate,” the national football scandal involving the New England Patriots. They also show that Ben Carson has risen in popularity among the GOP presidential hopefuls.