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Rebecca Fiore is a junior journalism major with a minor in political science. She has written for the Beacon for 3 years now. 

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Ridiculously last minute gifts

Have you figured out what to get your family and friends for the holidays? Here are some ideas for the shopper about to get on the plane.

Appreciating Assembly Square

The newest addition to the Orange Line and only about 20 minutes from Emerson’s campus!

Thrifting other than H&M

When the Garment District or By the Pound just isn't doing it for you anymore.

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Caption contest: Nov. 10

A cartoon that needs a caption!

Ease into East Boston

East Boston isn't just for Logan International Airport.

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Dining hall petition addresses sanitation, food quality

Sophomore Brigitte Bakalar created an online petition on Oct. 30 to create a conversation about having better food, cleaner cooking and eating facilities, and healthier choices at the school.

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Caption contest: Nov. 2

Another cartoon, another caption just waiting to be submitted.

Hipster bars even Emerson kids don't know about

Sometimes you need to venture away from Sweetwater Tavern and see what other bars are out there.

Dive into Davis Square

Davis Square is a great place for some throwback vibes—and has the perfect aesthetic for your Instagram account.

Isis Magazine to change name

Isis Magazine, an online campus publication, has decided to change its name after students asked writers if there was any connection to the Islamic State in Syria, said Willie Burnley, its editor-in-chief.

LA-based alum reported missing

Emerson graduate Wesley Von Tracy has been missing since Sept. 12 according to the website

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Caption contest: Oct 21

Caption contest! Comment below with your name and something about these cautious pumpkins.

Release your inner child

Instead of going to the playground at the Esplanade for the umpteenth time with your crew of friends in the middle of a cold Boston night, you should try out these new exciting places to release some stress and have low-key fun.

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Caption contest: Oct 12

Weekly caption contest! Comment below and be sure to include your name and Emerson email.

Roaming around Roxbury

Take a day outside of the Green Line and travel down to Roxbury.

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Caption Contest: Oct 5

The Beacon is holding its first ever caption contest! The winner will be published. Just leave a comment and Emerson email.

Unusual places to study

Who needs the library when you have the whole city at your feet?

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School issues iPads to RAs

This semester marks the first time the Office of Housing and Residence Life distributed iPads to resident assistants. The iPads, which were checked out during summer training, were provided to make RAs’ jobs easier, and are to be returned at the end of the academic year, according to David Haden, associate dean and director of housing and residence life.

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Controversial sweatshirt hits home for Emerson professor

Emerson professors weigh in there opinions on the controversial Urban Outfitters Kent State sweatshirt.

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P.R.I.D.E. and Sodexo workers gather again in unionization effort

20 students and Sodexo workers joined together in a quick and quiet delegation to remind the general manager of dining services at Emerson that employees are still waiting for a decision to go about a fair process for a union.

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Survivor advocate candidates pitch strategies

The four candidates for a new sexual assault survivor advocate position visited campus in the past week, and presented their plans for sexual violence prevention to audiences marked by low student attendance.

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Pretentious film fans rejoice!

<p class="p1"><span class="s1">The Bright Lights F

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Money, money, money

With the heavy student population in Boston, perhaps this edition should be called Who Wants to Pay Back Their Debt.

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Pelton unveils restructured sexual assault prevention, response program

For the first time, Emerson College has created a comprehensive sexual misconduct policy as part of a new program to reform the school's sexual assault prevention and response efforts.

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Alum launches traditional soda, with a twist

Want to enjoy a sweet drink without the guilt? Jon Allen, an Emerson alum, says he has a solution for you.

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With selfies and speeches, Emerson graduates class of 2014

Emerson awarded over 900 diplomas to the class of 2014 on May 11 at Boston University’s Agganis Arena.

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First annual Spirit of Emerson Award held

The first annual Spirit of Emerson Award was presented by President M. Lee Pelton on Tuesday, April 22.

Discarded clothes focus of green project

Emerson's sustainability coordinator, OHRL, and Earth Emerson have created a plan to donate all clothing left in the residence halls to Community Recycling.

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A spellbinding production

Scrabble—a family-friendly game or a million-dollar business that will tear you apart?

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Boston Strong raises $1 million, launches new tee

The Boston Strong T-shirt campaign reached the $1 million mark April 7 with the help of a new limited edition black and white tee launched April 1.

College will seek new Title IX coordinator, Pelton says

Emerson College recently decided to hire a new Title IX coordinator, who would be the first administrator fully dedicated to the position.

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Flooding from sprinkler damages rooms, displaces residents

Several rooms in the Little Building suffered water damage after a sprinkler erupted on the eighth floor, forcing some students to vacate their rooms indefinitely, remove their property, and stay up in the wee hours of Monday morning.

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New OHRL director to be hired

Emerson College opened a job search March 5 for a new director of the office of housing and residence life, a position currently held by David Haden.

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Opera singer leads entrepreneurship class

Ja-Nae Duane is bringing her opera background to her current position as the interim director for the Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship program.

Advocate hire stresses bystander intervention

Melanie Matson was recently hired as the new director of violence prevention and response/ sexual assault response advocate.

Emerson announces Melanie Matson as new assault response advocate

Emerson has hired Melanie Matson as its new director of violence prevention and response/ sexual assault response advocate, according to Sylvia Spears, vice president of diversity and inclusion, and an email sent to the college community by President M. Lee Pelton. The advocate position was created after a federal gender discrimination complaint was filed against the college in October.

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Fraternity ends the pledging process

The national board of Sigma Alpha Epsilon outlawed pledging, a ban made effective on March 9. At Emerson's SAE, pledging continues, for now.

Emerson's Purple Key Society honors seniors

This academic year, 26 seniors will be inducted into Emerson College’s Purple Key Leadership Society, a recognition for high academic and civic engagement achievement.

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New summer study abroad offered in Austria

Emerson students will have the opportunity to to live in another castle.

VMA dept. requests attendance at screenings, gallery

The visual and media arts department will now ask all students in the major to attend at least two screenings or visit the Huret and Spector Gallery twice this semester.

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ECPD to test new 24/7 building entry procedure

A new campus security proposal will require students, faculty, and staff to use their Emerson IDs 24/7 to enter all buildings, starting March 10.

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Benjamin Jealous advocates change

“Change often comes faster than you think is possible.” –Benjamin Jealous, former president and CEO of the NAACP

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Civil rights history to be honored

Roger House, journalism professor, organized Emerson’s first ever Victory Stride, a program celebrating the civil rights movement.

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Online archiving server to store print, digital material

Emerson has started working with Preservica, an online archiving company, to store and display its historical records—including campus blueprints, old college photos, and primary sources documenting the rise of American comedy.

Fraternity granted full appeal for charity bowling event

Zeta Phi Eta was granted its full appeal of $600 at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting.

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Graphic publication receives funds

Artful Comics was granted its full appeal at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting.

Almeida wins SGA presidential election

Sophomore Paul Almeida has been named the executive president of the 2013-2014 school year, beating current class of 2014 senator Benjamin Halls for the spot.

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Students share their thoughts on election

Before polls closed, students were asked about their thoughts on Almeida, Halls, and the election overall.

Amendment goes to vote

In addition to the 17 balloted SGA positions, three constitutional changes were listed to be voted on in the election this week.

Student Government grants CPLA and EAGLE full appeals

The Communications Politics and Law Association and Emerson’s Alliance for Gays, Lesbians, and Everyone were both granted their full appeals by the Student Government Association at Tuesday’s joint session.

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Two debate for SGA presidential seat, the only contested position

In a debate for the position of Student Government Association President, Benjamin Halls and Paul Almeida traded sharp comments and explained their goals with the hope of taking the title.

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Evvys granted full appeal

The EVVY Awards, Emerson’s annual award show, was granted its full appeal of $13,255 at the Student Government Association joint session on Tuesday.

Counseling center starts support groups

The Emerson Counseling Center has reinstated group therapy sessions this semester with the creation of meetings focused on overcoming grief, learning relaxation techniques, and understanding mind-body movement.

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Literary orgs granted money

Atlas Magazine was granted $3,240 to print 500 copies of one issue for this semester from the Student Government Association at Tuesday’s joint session meeting.

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Elections commissioner steps down

Former Elections Commissioner Kassandra King resigned Tuesday, March 12 at the Student Government Association joint session, and was immediately replaced by freshman Jasmine Reyes.

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LGBTQ initiative passes

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning (LGBTQ) Commissioner Navidra Hardin passed his first initiative at the Student Government Association meeting Tuesday.

New meal plans with more Board Bucks proposed for next semester

New meal plan options will likely be available to students as early as next semester as the college works to respond to student feedback about dining services.

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Two new senators elected to student government

Write-in candidate Megan Kay has been named the new visual and media arts senator, beating balloted candidate Benjamin Stoll by 11 votes to four.

A capella group granted full ammount appeal

Acappellics Anonymous was granted $1,549.00 by the Student Government Association on Tuesday to finish producing its debut album.

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Senator candidates outline goals at SGA speech night

Freshman Megan Kay and sophomore Benjamin Stoll, both visual and media arts majors are campaigning to be senator of the department. Current SGA Executive Assistant Paul Almeida is running unopposed for marketing communication senator.

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SGA debates on dollar amount of appeal

A debate among Student Government Association officials about funding for additional print issues of Your Mag started last Tuesday and culminated in a vote this week granting the magazine $2,374.41 — less than half of the $5,564.41 it initially asked for.

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Sustainability commissioner looks to increase campus' recycling

According to a survey administered by Lindsay Geller, the sustainability commissioner on the Student Government Association, around 97 percent of Emerson students said there were not enough recycling facilities on campus.

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Poetry project granted $3,923.80

The Emerson Poetry Project was granted $3,923.80 by the Student Government Association on Tuesday to attend to the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) in April.

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Greek life searches for space

Zachary Anderson, a member of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the Greek life commissioner for the Student Government Association (SGA), is currently working on a Greek life space initiative.

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SGA fills vacant secretarial position

After an entire semester without a secretary, the Student Government Association unanimously voted for Melyssa Cantor to take over the position.

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Organizations search for new ways to fundraise

Finding enough money to produce print issues is a constant challenge for on-campus magazines, which have turned to organizing events and creating online fundraising drives to augment or replace Student Government Association sponsorship.

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Cheer petition gains support

The Emerson Spirit Squad high-kicked its way to more recognition from the college this week, after starting a petition for increased acknowledgement as a campus organization.

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The Engagement Game Lab relocates

Gamers interested in the development and creation of the virtual contests now have a new space to complete their research. The Engagement Game Lab (EGL), a group that researches and produces video games, has moved to a larger office area.

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Students work to get out the vote

Actor Zach Braff was on campus Friday with the Students for Elizabeth Warren campaign group to urge students to register to vote.

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Little Building construction continues

Freshman Helen Schultz, a resident of the Little Building, wakes up at 8:00 a.m. every morning, but not by choice. Schultz, whose classes don’t begin until 10:00 a.m., isn’t woken by the sound of an alarm clock, but rather the noises of construction.

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"Quinnterviews" picked up by MTVu

When senior Quinn Marcus went to the New England Food Festival, she had one goal: to make people laugh. With a microphone in hand and a series of questions, Marcus did just that.