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Sex column: Common mis-contraceptions

Getting tested is your responsibility. Safe sex can only be safe if you and your partner are transparent with one another.

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Q&A: Author and activist Jaclyn Friedman '04

Speaking with the Beacon, Friedman discussed beginning her career as an anti-rape activist, holding Emerson administration accountable, and kickstarting change in the Trump era.

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Publishing panel marches "Gayly Forward"

Writing, literature and publishing assistant professor Benoit Denizet-Lewis hosted Gayly Forward: The Future of LGBT Publishing last Tuesday in the Bill Bordy Theater. The panel featured experts William Johnson, Alexander Chee, Stacey D’Erasmo, and Bryan Lowder.

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Alum pens a mixed-breed read for children

Isabel Thottam's children’s book follows a half-labrador, half-poodle, fashion-blogging dog named Joey who one day awakens to find that his signature hairstyle, or “doodle”, has disappeared.

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Personality and prose in professor's new book

Meta Wagner is what her new book refers to as an A-lister. She seeks recognition and validation, dreams of fame and adoration, and has an end goal in immortality.

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Students and faculty make waste wearable

Last winter, Michael Bartz spent 13 hours to fill his entire room—wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling—with 1,800 balloons. He confessed he’d only done it because it had been a dream of his.

LGBTQ Column: Sexuality through literature’s lens

Growing up queer is lonely. One must learn to live with solitude. For me, the only chance I have at being understood is in the pages of a novel.

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Students use finstas to find privacy

It all began with a photo of her friend, a playful quip about the Emerson soccer team, and a declaration that she wouldn’t post again. One day later, she broke that promise.

Things to do in and around Boston for Valentine's Day

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Students join protest in Boston Common

People from around the country filled Boston Common last Saturday with pink hats, paper vaginas, and a demand to be heard.

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App developed by students who share a common vision

This vision really boils down to one common idea—they want to create a new music culture.

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New England fall foliage seen from the clouds

For these four Emerson students, pure “bliss” is thousands of feet in the air.

Accepting one’s voice, accepting one’s self

We need to stop enforcing gender roles in a community that should be working to demolish them, and instead embrace what differentiates us.

Beacon's best: Must-see sites for fall frolicking

Beacon fall favorites!

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Emerson alumn gets cheeky on new website

“Cheeky Business is essentially a culmination of my advocacy,” Cunningham said, “[It] is a call to action to disrupt sex-negative culture, to defy stigma. Women deserve stress-free erotic spaces more than anything else.”

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Socialist Alternative brings political passion to campus

When coming across flyers for the Socialist Alternative plastered throughout campus, one can only imagine that many students have misunderstandings about the group.