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Social spaces should cover the bases

At a college where more than half of students live off campus, there are virtually no social spaces for those students to gather.

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Faculty assembly chair calls for 'less witch-hunting' in wake of protest

The chair of Emerson’s faculty assembly in an email Monday afternoon wrote that students and the Ad-Hoc Committee on Cultural Competency falsely accused faculty of discrimination.

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Streaming beyond the mainstream

Overall queer representation in television is improving, but there is still a long way to go when many queer people still can’t see themselves on screen.

Emergency procedures outlined at faculty assembly

Professors raised questions about Emerson’s emergency preparedness at Tuesday’s faculty assembly. In light of a lockdown earlier this month, professors and other faculty expressed concerns about a lack of knowledge of standard practices for future incidents.

Students share their expectations for the new year

Students pen their expectations for Emerson in the new school year.

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Alum Gaby Dunn returns to Boston for YA book tour

Dunn and Raskin's YA novel features mental illness, gay by May, and the less-than-perfect college experience.

LGBTQ Column: Taking the bait

When I started watching the first episode of the CW teen drama Riverdale, I was excited, but a little tentative.

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What does it mean to be an ally?

By taking the time to step back and consider your own unique privilege, you make yourself more aware of what your role is in today’s social movements. You don’t want to accidentally overstep your limitations and further marginalize voices that are already beneath yours.

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Collaborative care is the future

I still find myself longing for a polyamorous alternative to the household models we currently have in place.

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Pretending to be broke isn't cute

In college, being broke is strangely glamorized.

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Self-care is more than a trend

I stumbled across yet another self-care comic while scrolling through Tumblr the other day. Titled “50 Ways to Take a Break,” it features illustrations of candles, bubble baths, tea, and nature. Underneath was the user’s caption: “Practice self-care!!!” It was nothing new, but after seeing this phrase recycled hundreds of times over my Facebook and Tumblr feeds, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

Faculty reworks inclusivity committee

Faculty and staff discussed creating a committee dedicated to inclusive excellence, replacing an ad hoc committee on cultural competency––meant to be a temporary organization––at Tuesday’s faculty assembly meeting.

Love Column: Sharing the married love

I identified with polyamory, in theory, before I actually began practicing it.

The dating myth surrounding queer women

I was holding onto a fantasy that queer women weren’t people; they were perfect ephemeral beings who could do no wrong.

Love Column: Giving up men for good

I knew I liked women, but I didn’t want to let go of also liking men.

Love column: Straight noise crowds LGBTQ+ space

Online, dating as a queer woman presents its own unique challenges.

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Emerson releases new visual identity amid controversy

Emerson College introduced its new logo and graphic identity for the school in a meeting last Tuesday.

New VP for development and alumni relations named

Dr. Ronald Korvas has been named vice president of development and alumni relations, according to the Emerson website.

Community members walk for survivors of sexual assault

Members of the Emerson community participated in the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center’s Walk for Change last Sunday, raising over $200 in registration fees, according to Melanie Matson, director of the office of Violence Prevention and Response.

Lions, tigers, and butt plugs—oh my!

“Can you wash a butt plug in the dishwasher?” a voice called from the back.

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Faculty motion passed for curricula audits

At Tuesday’s faculty assembly meeting, a new student justice group was invited to discuss their desires for more inclusivity in the academic departments.

Bringing respect to the victim’s storyline

Rape depictions on television are too often gratuitous, unnecessary, and lazy.

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New comm dean hopes to bring fresh perspective

Dr. Raul Reis was hired as the new dean of the School of Communication at Emerson last week, and said that the college has the potential to be a leader in communication education.

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College announces plans for new dining facility

Emerson College will have a new permanent dining hall and student social space by fall 2017, President M. Lee Pelton announced in a campus-wide email on Thursday. It’s scheduled to open simultaneously with the new 2 Boylston Pl. residence hall.

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Alum speaker addresses consent, sexuality

Feminist writer, activist, and Emerson alumna Jaclyn Friedman spoke to a dozen students at the Bright Family Screening Room on Monday about the dangers of the commodity model of sexuality, and how to counteract it.

Faculty Assembly presentation announces planned financial deficit

At the faculty assembly on Tuesday, it was announced that Emerson will likely have a planned financial deficit in the 2018 fiscal year.

New vice president focuses on construction projects

Arthur Mombourquette, the new senior associate vice president for real estate, said he is looking forward to continuing work on the renovations of the Little Building and the construction of the new residence hall at 2 Boylston Pl.

Survey shows Emerson has poorer mental health than national average

A survey conducted last April through the American College Health Association revealed that students at Emerson reported higher levels of loneliness, anxiety, hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts than students across the country. Almost twice as many students at Emerson reported a psychiatric condition than the national average.

New space for students to relax in Campus Center

The college opened its Reflection Room on Tuesday in the Campus Center to provide students with a quiet space for relaxation and meditation.

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Alum turns real life into comedic sketches

Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin sit side-by-side on a couch in their apartment set, under a sign made from Post-It Notes on the wall behind them that reads “Just Between Us” in glittery letters. Raskin holds a card with a viewer question and reads, “Am I a lesbian or am I just lonely?” The question never gets answered—this is a typical episode of Just Between Us.

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Fraternity to begin recruiting after suspension

Emerson’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter is recruiting new members for the first time since they were suspended in November 2014.

Faculty Assembly discusses mental health

Sylvia Spears, vice president for diversity and inclusion, and Robert Amelio, director of diversity and inclusive excellence, presented on Emerson’s Bias Response Program at a faculty assembly on Tuesday. Sharon Duffy also presented with Emerson’s Care, Assessment, Response and Engagement team.

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New VP and Dean to start at college in July

Dr. James Hoppe, who will begin working as Emerson’s vice president and dean of campus life in July, said he hopes to connect with students in his new role at the college.

Living on the fringe of LGBTQ

Many people are afraid to come out as bi, in part because they know they will be told to pick a side.

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Administration to assess alcohol and drug policy

The Alcohol and Other Drugs task force held its first meeting on Wednesday to consider changing the communication surrounding Emerson’s AOD practices, particularly surrounding medical amnesty.

New VP and Dean of Students named

Dr. James Hoppe will be the new Vice President and Dean for Campus Life, effective July 2016, according to an email from President M. Lee Pelton on Tuesday.

Students inducted into Purple Key Leadership Society

On Dec. 11, 27 seniors were inducted into Emerson College’s Purple Key Leadership Society, recognizing leadership, civic engagement, and academic achievement.

Rebranding survey results to be released at end of month

The survey from the rebranding initiative has been closed and Simpson and Scarborough, a research consultant group hired by the school, is currently collecting and analyzing the data from the survey, according to Andrew Tiedemann, vice president of marketing and communication.

Crime Log 12/3

This week's crime log.

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Bias reporting system allows anonymity

The Bias Response Program, launched in September in response to complaints regarding a lack of cultural competency on campus, recently began offering an anonymous reporting system.

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Students with invisible disabilities are slighted

It’s presumptuous and shame someone for something as simple as taking an elevator.

Rebranding survey released

A survey for Emerson’s rebranding initiative was released on Nov. 12 for students, staff, faculty, and alumni to include their voices in Emerson’s new narrative identity, including a new logo and website.

Crime Log 11/19

This week's crime log.

SGA addresses concerns with potential college promotional video

Members of the Student Government Association discussed concerns with diversity and inclusion in a Taylor Swift lip dub video that was produced as a promotional video for the college on Tuesday.

Rebranding survey launches this week

In an email to the student body, Andrew Tiedemann, vice president for communications and marketing, announced that the rebranding survey will be released on Nov. 12.

Crime Log 11/12

This week's crime log.

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Students celebrate Trans Week with speakers, performers

Emerson held several events during Trans Week in early November, including a talk by keynote speaker Bamby Salcedo, a Latina transgender activist.

Crime Log 11/05

This week's crime log.

Between the sheets, there’s an in-between

The idea of enthusiastic consent is a necessary ideal we should keep pursuing, but at the moment it’s just that—an ideal.

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New weekend vegan options in dining hall

Now anyone can head down to the dining hall and be vegan on the weekend.

Crime Log 10/29

This week's crime log.

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Late night services in high demand for busy students

Freshman Hana Antrim sat on the hard tile floor outside of her dorm room at 1 a.m. diligently finishing her assignment due the next morning. In an attempt to be considerate of her sleeping roommate Antrim was stranded, with the library doors locked and the TV blaring in her floor’s common room.

Crime Log 10/22

This week's crime log.

Historical dig takes place in Boston Common

On Monday, archaeologists from the Public Archaeology Laboratory in Rhode Island began a dig in Boston Common, between the gazebo and the Boylston Street MBTA station.

Crime Log 10/15

This week's crime log.

Sodexo holds forum, addresses student concerns

Members of the Sodexo dining staff held their first open forum on Wednesday to discuss student concerns about options for those with food allergies and pricing at the campus cafes.

Journalist receives honor in civic leadership

This past Wednesday, journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones received the Emerson College President’s Award for Civic Leadership and spoke about her experience covering social justice and civil rights issues in her career.

Crime Log 10/8

This week's crime log.

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Kevin Bright extends contract two years

Founder and director of the Emerson Los Angeles program Kevin Bright has extended his contract through the summer of 2017.

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Columbus Day’s ship has sailed

He was ruthless, and had no problem taking down whoever stood in his way.

Crime Log 10/1

This week's crime log.

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Conduct procedure gets update

A resolution panel has been created as an alternative to administrative hearings for students who have violated the Code of Conduct, according to an email from Director of Student Conduct Michael Arno.

9/24 Crime Log

This week's crime log.

College to begin search for full-time Title IX Investigator

Emerson is looking to hire the college’s first full-time Title IX Investigator, who will act as a third-party investigator for cases of interpersonal violence.

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Emerson begins search for Vice President and Dean position

Instead of a traditional Dean of Students, Emerson will soon hire a Vice President and Dean of Campus Life. A forum was held on Wednesday afternoon to get student feedback on the new position.

Emerson ranked 10th best school in region

Emerson College was ranked the 10th best regional school in the North by the U.S. News and World Report on Sept. 8, and also received high rankings from Forbes and The Princeton Review.

9/17 Campus Crime Log

This week's crime log.

9/10 Crime Log

This week's crime log.

New associate chair in visual and media arts department

Cristina Kotz Cornejo, a professor in the department of visual and media arts, took over for Robert Todd as associate chair of production for the visual and media arts department on Aug. 31.

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Counseling center aims to improve services

Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services, or ECAPS, has implemented a 24-hour counseling hotline available to all students, as well as a new protocol for dealing with life-threatening mental illness.

College delays next phase of rebranding initiative

A survey to collect data for the next phase of Emerson’s rebranding initiative, originally expected to launch on Sept. 2, has been delayed until later in the semester.

SGA urges college to implement cultural competency classes

The Student Government Association said it “fully supports” initiatives calling for cultural competency and sensitivity courses introduced at a demonstration earlier in the week.

SGA hears updates from Violence Prevention and Response, grants appeals to campus orgs

The Student Government Association met on Tuesday with staff members from Violence Prevention and Response to discuss progress they said they made over the last semester and address student concerns.

Students outraged by freshman’s rapper persona

Several students expressed anger online this week after a student rapper gained attention on social media for lyrics some listeners found offensive.

SGA discusses diversity in film and theater casting

The Student Government Association met with the chair of the performing arts department at its weekly meeting on April 14 as part of its larger academic initiative and discussed the issue of diversity in casting.

SGA discusses noise issue during construction

At the Student Government Association meeting on Tuesday, Emerson administrators said upcoming construction projects will try to avoid noisy work at early hours.

SGA hears results of campus climate survey

Sixty percent of students are satisfied with Emerson’s overall climate, according to results from a campuswide survey that administrators discussed at the Student Government Association meeting on Tuesday.

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Student wins prizes in "The Price Is Right"

Last month, senior Tyler Salomon got in line at 9 a.m. to watch the filming of The Price is Right. Just a few hours later, he found himself winning an exercise bicycle, a collection of Kate Spade accessories, and a 3D television, in an episode that aired just last week.

SGA approves marketing org appeal

The Student Government Association approved an appeal from Emerson’s chapter of the American Marketing Association on March 31.

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Students re-elect Solomon as SGA president, approve constitutional changes

In last week’s vote, Emily Solomon was re-elected as SGA president. Students also chose Gabriela Kula as the new vice president and approved an amendment to the SGA constitution.

SGA election outcome to be announced Friday

James Rowland, election chair of the Student Government Association, said he plans to announce the results of the SGA elections in several stages, starting on Friday, March 27.

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SGA candidates debate goals for upcoming year during press night

The Student Government Association held its press night last week for the upcoming election, where current SGA President Emily Solomon debated Alan Vilimaitis for the position of SGA president. The election began today at midnight and is open for 24 hours.

SGA hears two appeals

The Office of Academic Affairs met with members of the Student Government Association to get feedback on course evaluations for the end of this semester.

SGA learns about badges for acquired skills, grants appeals

Robert Sabal, the interim dean of the School of The Arts, discussed digital badges, or awards given to students for obtaining skills that can be displayed on online profiles.

SGA appoints new leadership positions

Two students who applied for appointed positions in Emerson’s Student Government Association were approved on Feb. 12.

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Tapping hours decreased at Little Building stairs

Emerson has limited access to the Little Building stairway between floors three and 12—a decision, prompted in part by the state’s minimum wage increase of $1, that has caused dissatisfaction among residents.