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Roman is the current Editor-in-chief of The Berkeley Beacon. She started on the staff writing for opinion and eventually wrote for Features, Lifestyle, and News. Her time spent on the paper has increased her love of coffee and sour skittles ten-fold. 

Roman can be reached at

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Letter from the Editor—On election day

We must be, now more than ever, proud of our womanhood. We must flaunt our femininity in the face of those who want to control it.

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#FollowMe: Students enter internet stardom

Tons of Emerson students have talent but they aren’t all signing contracts with the Wu-Tang Clan or being written about in the Washington Post. The extra something seems to be an understanding for what a certain niche group wants. It’s tapping into the desire and the obsessive passions of fandoms that really rockets these students to fame.

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A woman’s fight to finish last

Gender politics play a big role in bedroom enjoyment.

Pushing men to fight for feminism

Every self-identified woman is a human being and that alone should make them deserving of compassion.

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Swipe right for feminism

I am not only safe, I am powerful.

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Sexism in the journalism profession

I still find myself shrinking from a sexism I’ve internalized through the years.

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Scrapping the ‘new year’ concept

I woke up the next morning, however, with no unrealistic expectations for myself, and thus, no opportunities for failure or self-criticism.

Sharing a struggle without a conclusion

But the truth is that the symptoms of a mental illness may rise and subside as frequently as the tide.

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Planned Parenthood and the three percent

It is a symptom of how unequal our society is that what I demand seems radical.

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In defense of the fangirl

The label implies that being who you are out loud and unapologetically, as a woman, is not allowed.

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The rise of the real girls

In a way, their actions represent a slow rise of behavior subversive to the gender norms that have contributed to sexism for years.

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Hillary has her flaws, but she’s equality’s best bet

Hillary Clinton demonstrates that we have progress to make, even within the world of feminism.

It shouldn’t be acceptable for men to be on their worst behavior

Due to our country’s long history of systematic oppression and a culture of sexism, I think it’s time we talked about changing how men act.

Despite pop culture power, ‘bitch’ not yet reclaimed

The word pacifies, stifles, and embarrasses women into positions that take away their voices from the community and strip away success.

For celebrities, talent isn’t enough to excuse problematic pasts

The difficult part about holding our talented favorites accountable for their problematic behavior is that so often, we genuinely admire their work.

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Let’s get this straight

By considering your sexual experiences, your identity, and your actions the norm, you isolate and ostracize other sexual orientations.

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Scoops, she did it again: Alum turns popular blog into ice cream business

Chloe Jankowitz is now the owner of Scoopsies, a small ice cream delivery service based out of her own Somerville home. For Jankowitz, creating ice cream mixes personal and business.

Reductive stereotypes stifle middle aged women

Hillary Clinton is only one example; sitcoms often problematically show elder women as erratic, witless, and dependent.

Social media presents emotional outlet for users

The fact that social media is used as an emotional outlet does not say that our communication skills are deteriorating but rather says that they are evolving to become more inclusive.

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New stunt group aims to bring safety to film shoots

"The passion and desire at Emerson are high. If we can harness that passion and be safe at the same time, that's good." -Junior Benjamin Garmise

The stress generation

The fear of instability and the frustration that stems from being told your problems could be cured by just a little more motivation create stress.

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Taking charge of your vagina

The first step is paying attention to the reappropriation of words for the female genitalia.

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It’s not just a diet

Drunkorexia is brushed off as something ill-informed college students do on the weekends

Listicles are littering journalism

Quality journalism is accessible to everyone, and doesn't have to be seen as something exclusive.

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For the mentally ill, a stigma hard to shake

The fear of being ostracized, labeled as “crazy,” and discriminated against is embedded in the minds of many that live with mental illness.

Breaking bad social norms

Listening to a political opinion completely different from your own can only widen perspective

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Student FOMO leads to living beyond means

Students in Boston pay a higher price, literally, when they give into that fear and put off responsibilities to participate in fun activities with their friends.

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Emerson students addicted to thrill of busyness

The possibility that there are consequences to joining six clubs, retaining a job, doing school work, and building a social life doesn’t appear to cross the mind of ambitious Emerson students.