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Mysterious novelist chronicles femininity, independence

Elena Ferrante, a contemporary Italian author who’s gained a large following in the United States, is most widely known for two things: her highly-acclaimed Neapolitan series and her identity, which was a mystery until last September.

Pulitzer poet memoir portrays childhood

I was first introduced to Tracy K. Smith four years ago when a mentor of mine casually named a couple of contemporary poets worth checking out. I purchased her second book, Duende, at the time, and it’s stayed with me ever since. Her poems were unlike anything I’d ever read—lucid yet dreamlike, brutal yet almost celestial in tone, full of beauty without being too precious.

Promising debut novel Homegoing covers generations of stories

Reading Homegoing feels less like you’re experiencing the novel’s plot with the characters so much as it feels like you’re floating above them—dipping into their lives when their personal narratives have reached a turning point and then dipping back out to view their family lineage from a bird’s eye view.

Those "classics" you may not have read, but should

Contemporary literature is having an incredible moment right now—it’s evolving and redefining itself and inventing new methods of storytelling. But while new hardcovers coming to shelves lately have been compelling and rich and bizarre and so worthy of discussion, I feel I can’t review them head-on without first mentioning the classics.

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Summer Preview: Literary Column

The literary column has got you covered. It’ll look at what’s culturally and critically relevant, but with the background of classic literature in mind.

Request to dismiss Title IX case denied by court

On Friday, a federal judge denied Emerson’s request to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Jillian Doherty, a former student who alleges the college mishandled her rape case.

College continues to request dismissal of Title IX lawsuit

The college continues to request the dismissal of an amended complaint in a lawsuit filed by a former student Jillian Doherty, who alleges Emerson mishandled her rape case. The college filed its reply brief, a document in support of the motion to dismiss the lawsuit, on Aug 31.

Pelton removed as defendant from student Title IX lawsuit

After a hearing on July 8, the federal court decided the lawsuit filed by a former student who alleges the college mishandled her rape case will continue to trial.

Former student defends claim of mishandled rape case following college’s request to dismiss lawsuit

A former student, who is suing Emerson for what she alleges was a mishandling of her rape case, is maintaining her claims in response to the college’s request that the court dismiss her lawsuit.

After dismissal, former student resubmits Title IX complaint

A former student who sued Emerson for mishandling her rape case filed an amended complaint to her lawsuit on May 27.

Court dismisses lawsuit alleging Emerson mishandled rape case

A federal judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit against Emerson filed by Jillian Doherty, a former student who alleges the college mishandled her rape case, and gave her until May 28 to refile her complaint.

Part-time professors ratify new contract

On Tuesday, the college’s adjunct professors voted 184-3 to make a new contract official, which includes an increase in pay, professional development funding, and better job security, according to the contract’s press release.

Calculate how much your adjunct professors earn

Adjunct professors are asking the college for higher pay as their union negotiates a new contract. Enter your classes to see how much your adjunct professors get paid.

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New initiative aims to unite community against sexual violence

Violence Prevention and Response is launching a new initiative designed to promote on- and off-campus activities that bring awareness to sexual assault.

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Adjunct professors write to Pelton for higher pay

Over 30 professors wrote to President M. Lee Pelton calling for more institutional support for part-time faculty members as part of a campaign that culminated on Feb. 25.

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Magazine writing divided between departments

Many students interested in magazine writing have to make a major choice before they even arrive at Emerson: whether to join the journalism or writing, literature, and publishing department.

Search for Title IX Coordinator continues

Emerson has never had a full-time, dedicated coordinator for the federal gender equity law Title IX, but is conducting an ongoing search that the administration predicts will soon come to a close, according to Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Sylvia Spears.

College hires new director of housing and residence life

Emerson College has appointed Erik Muurisepp as the new associate dean and director of Housing and Residence Life. He is scheduled to start working at Emerson on Feb. 2.

Polling Society joins Transparency Initiative

Last week, the Emerson College Polling Society affirmed its commitment to unbiased research methods and credibility by becoming a member of the American Association of Public Opinion Research Transparency Initiative.

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Emerson refines LA program after student complaints

After students disgruntled with aspects of the Emerson Los Angeles program voiced their complaints last month, administrators have already begun making changes.

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Snowstorm forces Emerson to cancel classes for second day

After a major blizzard deluged Boston with over 20 inches of snow, Emerson has canceled classes for a second day in a row on Wednesday. All campus eateries will open by 10 a.m.

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Special section: A half-century of race relations at Emerson

An in-depth look at 46 years of the protests, tenure controversies, administrators, and admissions policies that continue to shape race relations at the college. With special op-ed contributions by Willie Burnley and Taylor Carlington.

Tenure for few nonwhite professors historically hard to gain

Emerson’s present-day pursuit for diversity contrasts a history tainted with allegations of institutional racism. The first time a black professor was granted tenure without a lawsuit was in 2007.

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Ebola forum debunks health myths, criticizes media

Emerson journalism professor Roger House organized and introduced the event to quell student fears about the virus and present facts.

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Non-VMAs in LA: Emerson plans for more course diversity

The LA program is now looking to offer more classes outside the visual and media arts departments.

Jay Leno awarded national prize for humor

Emerson alum and comedian Jay Leno was awarded a major national prize for humorists earlier this month.

With set gone, business class works to rebrand the library

A business class is looking to rebrand the area of the Iwasaki Library that was once home to the set of Will & Grace, and now serves as a study space many students find “off-putting,” according to polls conducted by the class.

College seeking student advisors

Looking for firsthand accounts of academic and personal challenges, administrators have invited students to apply for positions on a new advisory group.

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College hires sexual assault survivor advocate

Emerson has hired a survivor advocate as a resource for victims of sexual and dating violence. Greta Spoering, the Violence Prevention and Response center’s new hire, specializes in assisting those who have experienced interpersonal violence.

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Clery results marked by increase of sexual violence reports

Emerson reported 10 cases of sexual violence in its Boston campus for 2013, a sharp increase from the three reported in the previous year, according to Emerson’s latest Clery Compliance Report, released Oct. 1.

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To Ugg or not to Ugg? The ins and outs of fall fashion

“When you’re trying to figure out your personal style, just be you. That’s the most important thing.” -Sophomore Zoe Cronin

Grungy garments and personalized plaid: Student develops and runs hand-sewn clothing line

"I wanted to have a flannel with an image on it, and I had no idea how I was going to do it. So I found an image of Satan, and I sewed it on. I learned how to use a sewing machine in, like, twenty minutes." -Warren Lotas, creator of Bill clothing line.

Runaway trolley leads first Emerson Ethics Lecture Series talk

"Torture is a cancer that spreads quickly and changes the entire culture." -Gregory Fried, Suffolk University chairman