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Christina Jedra is the news editor for The Berkeley Beacon and a senior journalism major at Emerson. She started at the paper as an entertainment correspondent her freshman year and later became the assistant lifestyle editor. 

Last summer, she interned at Parents magazine as part of the American Society of Magazine Editors internship. Previously, she has worked as an editorial intern at Boston Magazine, a Collegiate Correspondent for USA Today, a co-op at The Boston Globe, and the features editor at Emerson's lifestyle magazine, Your Magazine. 

Jedra can be reached at

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Court dismisses lawsuit alleging Emerson mishandled rape case

A federal judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit against Emerson filed by Jillian Doherty, a former student who alleges the college mishandled her rape case, and gave her until May 28 to refile her complaint.

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Christopher remembered for individualism, humor, and compassion

Lilly Kate Christopher died on April 6 in the hospital with family by her side. Kevin Christopher, her father, requested that the circumstances of his daughter’s death be kept private.

Thumb 140 1430325636 protest cat 1 web.jpg

In passionate rally, students demand cultural competency training

Several hundred students demanded campuswide cultural competency and sensitivity classes in an impassioned rally that culminated in a faculty meeting at the Bill Bordy Theater.

Thumb 140 1429179332 rc 20150410 32532.jpg

Event for prospective students marked by protest

As prospective students explored the college’s campus on April 10, they walked past current and former Emerson students advocating for education, transparency, and accountability regarding sexual assault on campus.

Emerson community loses sophomore student

Lilly Kate Christopher, a sophomore journalism major, passed away on April 6.

Thumb 140 1428575727 1428542002 jilliandoherty adams 20150408. 0008.jpg.jpg

Demonstration planned for Picture Yourself day

When dozens of prospective students and their families visit campus April 10 for Picture Yourself at Emerson, an all-day event for accepted students to learn more about the school, they may learn more than they bargained for.

Thumb 140 1428444705 moakley courtroom 9 bench 1.jpg

Court to decide whether lawsuit should be dismissed

Jillian Doherty filed suit in September; Emerson is seeking to dismiss the case. The judge, after hearing arguments on Tuesday, said his determination will come in the following weeks.

Thumb 140 1427825490 ludman chapman archive.jpg

Ludman to retire after nearly four decades at Emerson

Ronald Ludman, who has been Emerson’s dean of students for 33 years, will retire at the end of June, according to a campuswide email from President M. Lee Pelton.

Emerson denies allegations, liability in second lawsuit

Emerson College and six administrators deny many allegations outlined in a lawsuit filed by a former student and say they are not legally liable for what the plaintiff considers a mishandling of her rape case, according to court documents.

Outcome unclear for two sexual assault lawsuits

The legal questions that the two lawsuits against Emerson raise, legal experts said, require stringent evidence to establish liability, and represent actively evolving fields of law.

College requests more time to respond to second lawsuit

Lawyers for Emerson College and six administrators have asked for additional time to answer a second lawsuit filed by a student who alleges the school mishandled her rape case.

Thumb 140 1421896957 mlkprotest7.jpg

Students join MLK protest

Emerson students were among hundreds who protesting in the streets of Boston on Monday afternoon to honor victims of police violence and raise awareness of racism and police brutality.

Second lawsuit accuses Emerson of mishandling rape case

Emerson is facing a second lawsuit alleging it mishandled a student’s sexual assault case; six administrators are accused of failing to respond "promptly and appropriately" and violating a federal gender equity law.

Reply further argues legitimacy of sexual assault lawsuit

The lawyer for a former student suing Emerson and four administrators for mishandling her sexual assault case provided further reasoning against dismissing the lawsuit in a Nov. 21 filing.

BU student newspaper fundraises out of debt 

The Daily Free Press, Boston University’s independent student-run newspaper, was recently in jeopardy of having its print edition fold after its printer gave the organization an end-of-year deadline to pay off its debt of nearly $70,000.

College further argues for lawsuit dismissal

Lawyers for Emerson College and four administrators named in a civil lawsuit restated their arguments against the validity of the plaintiff’s case in a Nov. 10 filing.

Former student opposes motion to dismiss lawsuit

The lawyer representing a former student suing Emerson for mishandling her rape case has filed an opposition to the school’s motion to dismiss her lawsuit, according to court documents submitted Oct. 24.

Thumb 140 1414044743 jocelyn.jpg

Straus remembered for kindness, humor

In the time she spent at Emerson, people who knew her said she made them laugh, went out of her way to help classmates, and helped build a community that now feels a void.

Former student requests more time to refute lawsuit dismissal

A former student has requested more time to file an opposing response to Emerson’s motion to dismiss her lawsuit.

Thumb 140 1413450620 prayer adams 101514. 0008 web.jpg

Emerson community loses first-year student

Freshman Jocelyn Amelia Straus, a political communication major, died in her dorm room Tuesday night, President M. Lee Pelton announced in an email to the Emerson community Wednesday morning.

After moving to dismiss lawsuit, Emerson responds to mass criticism

President M. Lee Pelton addressed the Emerson community in an email on Monday regarding what he called an “inaccurate and misleading” Huffington Post article that sparked widespread criticism of the college.

Emerson seeks dismissal of former student's lawsuit

Lawyers for Emerson College and four school administrators moved to dismiss the federal lawsuit filed by a former student who claims the school mishandled her sexual assault case. A 20-page memorandum submitted with the motion on Monday states that even if the lawsuit’s allegations were true, they “do not establish that the Defendants violated any law.”

Three appointed in SGA meeting

In the Student Government Association’s first meeting of the year, three members were unanimously appointed to positions.

College requests more time to respond to lawsuit

Emerson College and four school administrators have requested additional time to respond to the allegations of mishandling a former student’s rape case that were filed in a lawsuit last month, according to documents filed with the Massachusetts District Court on Friday.

Thumb 140 1410474967 rob orchard bio image.jpg

ArtsEmerson founder Rob Orchard to step down

After staging dozens of award-winning productions, creating relationships with 39 artistic companies, and building an audience over four seasons, ArtsEmerson founder Rob Orchard is stepping down.

Thumb 140 1410407671 soccer southend 083014. 0818.jpg

Title IX complaint alleges gender discrimination in Emerson athletics

An advocacy group filed a Title IX complaint, now dismissed, that accused Emerson College of not providing equal opportunities to male and female student athletes.

School to replace “out of date” camera system

The school plans to upgrade its security camera system in the next several months. Currently, almost all of Emerson’s security cameras lack recording capability, and the few that do record are only viewed in the case of a potential crime.

Emerson to dispute sexual assault lawsuit allegations

Emerson plans to dispute the allegations outlined in a lawsuit filed by a former student who alleges the school mishandled her rape case.

EmCaf teams up with Einstein Bros Bagels

Students can get fresh bagels and cold smoothies between classes at Emerson’s Cafe, which now features selections from national franchise Einstein Bros Bagels.

Thumb 140 1409795224 genericemerson adams.jpg

Princeton Review: Emerson falls in LGBT friendly ranking, new heights for theater

The rankings are based on surveys of 130,000 students attending American colleges and universities and are part of the 2015 edition of the Princeton Review’s annual Best Colleges book series.

Thumb 140 1409795159 tap go adams.jpg

Tap and Go becomes permanent

After a trial run this spring and a divided student survey, Emerson’s 24-7 security procedure, Tap and Go, has become permanent.

Thumb 140 1407873248 1389855802 doe satedescodoherty walsh forweb.jpg.jpg

Student sues Emerson for mishandling sexual assault case

An Emerson College student who filed a federal Title IX complaint against the college last fall for mishandling her sexual assault case filed a federal lawsuit against Emerson and four school administrators.

Thumb 140 brain courtesy

A splitting headache

For the second year in a row, the college hosted a brain dissection by Jagaroo, an Emerson professor and cognitive neuroscientist.

Thumb 140 writerspanel chapman

Professionals present publishing pointers

Sponsored by Career Services and Undergraduate Students for Publishing, the panel in the Bill Bordy Theater consisted of four Emerson alumni who shared their experiences and advice for Emerson students interested in publishing.

Thumb 140 tharp stigma2

Active Minds think alike at mental health event

On Tuesday night, Emerson’s Active Minds hosted National Day Without Stigma to help educate students about mental illnesses.

Thumb 140 ally sexapalooza

Sexapalooza: education and lubrication

The sexual energy was palpable at Sexapalooza Thursday as Emerson students visited different stations to taste flavored lubricant, participate in “condom races,” play The Wheel of (Sexual Health) Misfortune, and post confessions on the Sex PostSecret wall.

Thumb 140 img 1120

Fashion's Night Out takes on Boston

Last Thursday night, Newbury Street was a thumping nighttime block party with live bands, free food and drinks, and fashionistas dressed to the nines, teetering in their sky-high heels.

Thumb 140 fnoweb

Fashion's Night Out takes on Boston

Last Thursday night, Newbury Street was a thumping nighttime block party with live bands, free food and drinks, and fashionistas dressed to the nines

Thumb 140 img 1120

Fashion Night Out old

See Emerson students around Boston's annual Fashion Night Out.

#WhenInEmerson, the jokes are on you

There is finally place for all to relate to these unique Emerson experiences: the #WHENINEMERSON Tumblr page. This latest Emerson viral sensation emerged in May. Students, alumni, and incoming freshman have been viewing and sharing short animations portraying the Emerson experience.

Rethink Music Conference Day 2

Welcome to the “no excuses” era of music: A world where your resources are virtually unlimited, leaving you with the entirely responsible for making or breaking your own future.

Thumb 140 rethink  1000x637

Rethink Music Conference Day 1

At the start of this year's Rethink Music Conference, Yoga Girls, Karmin, and Junior Boys showed off different ways musicians can incorporate technology into their work.

Thumb 140 websorgen

The Steadfast Songsmith: Folk musician dabbles in new sounds, instruments

Some musicians scrape together a meager fanbase by covering Top 40 songs on YouTube. Some try to propel themselves quickly to fame on shows like American Idol. And some just give up. Jake Sorgen is none of these — he prefers constant hard work.

Thumb 140 webatlas mattcolor

Atlas Mag shows off Emerson’s talent

On Saturday, Atlas Magazine hosted a talent showcase to give students a free platform to perform — and to raise funds for their second issue.

Thumb 140 the kid with a bike 14

Review: The Kid with a Bike

Directed by brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, The Kid With a Bike (Le Gamin au Vélo) successfully balances themes of family expectations, unexpected sources of love, and the influence of friendship.

Thumb 140 webthe lorax

Review: The Lorax does justice to Seuss' vision

With incredible, in-your-face images, the 3D-animated release of The Lorax maintains Dr. Seuss’ illustrative style but brings it to a whole other level of visual excitement.

Thumb 140 webthoward verrill

Terrence Howard walks away

Terrence Howard, an Oscar-nominated actor known for roles in Hustle & Flow and Red Tails, surprised his audience in the Semel Theater Tuesday by saying that he plans to change his career focus.

Thumb 140 web2terrence

Q&A: Actor Terrence Howard

Before his Tuesday event at the Semel Theater, Oscar-nominated actor Terrence Howard spoke with reporters from the Berkeley Beacon and freeform radio station WECB. Howard explained his lofty scientific ambitions, described why it's important to be a jack-of-all-trades, and shared how he viewed his acting career.

Thumb 140 webjumasarah

Getting down to business

No one is surprised to hear lyrics on the radio about sex and violence, or a combination of the two. In fact, it’s pretty much expected in modern rap. However, rapper Juma Inniss, a senior marketing communication major, is using his business savvy to spread a different message.

Show Times: The Theatre Bizarre with co-director and alum David Gregory

A woman licks the blood from a human heart. Blood trickles down the face of a shaking, restrained man. A demented woman stabs herself in the eye. Graphic images stick in your mind after watching the trailer for The Theatre Bizarre, a horror anthology that premieres in Boston this weekend.

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