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Students in the dark on tuition hike specifics

Emerson’s Board of Trustees has approved another tuition increase for the next academic year. If you didn’t know this already, it’s no fault of your own. The college never directly notified students.

Best of Boston: Off-campus living

The Beacon's take on the neighborhoods of Boston and beyond.

Students react to election results

America has spoken, but a cloud of confusion cast its shadow at Emerson the day after Donald Trump became President-elect.

New scholarship for ELA student expenses

In honor of Emerson alumnus and former ELA Executive Director Kevin Bright, students can now apply for a scholarship designed to support Hollywood transplants.

Administrative department creates roadblocks for reporting

This is a call for transparency.

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Industry experts inspire Boston students

Thousands of college students and young professionals from across the world poured into the city from Oct. 16 to 19 to hear from some of the most iconic names in business, entertainment, and athletics

Automatic insurance charge comes as surprise

If you didn’t check your ECmail this summer, you may have missed a few emails that could’ve saved you $130.

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Immigration advocacy hits the pavement

“I think it’s a very beautiful time because my story is about immigration and education,” Ernesto Osorio said on the phone, from a coffee shop in Denver. “I think in this moment, all problems with immigration is a big connection with education.”

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Emerson College ushers in Good Samaritan Policy

“There is a standard of the Good Samaritan policy: you won’t get in trouble,” Erle said. “If you call for help, we want to commend that decision completely.”

Emerson falls in Princeton Review rankings

Of the 62 lists included in the study, the college lost rank in each of the six categories it qualified for this year, including the top spot in “LGBTQ-Friendly,” now claimed by Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY.

New ELA director chosen

“I did a lot of community engagement work, I did a lot of work with young and emerging artists, and I’ve worked in job development and fundraising,” Sampson said. “[Emerson] felt like the logical next step.”

Cutler Majestic to host Forbes Under 30 Summit stage this fall

“[The Under 30 Summit] is going to give students a window into the world of entrepreneurial endeavors that they wish to go into,” Duffy said.

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Annual tuition rise reflects higher rate of increase

Emerson has announced its annual tuition and room and board increase, another peg in the decades-long surge beyond national norms.

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More students requesting accommodations from Disability Services Office

The number of requests seeking aid from the Disability Services Office has more than doubled in the last three years, making up 10 percent of the student body, according to the most recent DSO year end report.

Engagement Lab received grant to mobilize civic game

The Engagement Lab, an applied research facility at Emerson, received $35,000 on Nov. 3 from the Knight Foundation to develop a mobile application for @Stake, a table-top debate card game created almost two years ago.

The pros and cons of the interim administrator

Interim administration at Emerson nearly quadrupled from 2011-2013, but Vice President of Academic Affairs Michaele Whelan said this hasn’t stunted the college’s progress.

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After student action, Emerson launches Bias Response Program

Emerson is widely known as a college focused on diversity, inclusion, and liberality, but student’s recent complaints of prejudice on campus contrast this reputation.

Emerson students seen as offbeat and ambitious, research says

Research conducted for the college’s rebranding initiative found that Emerson students are “quirky and driven” and that some alumni are unimpressed by the popular “Emerson Mafia” moniker.

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Ludman’s legacy: 37 years at Emerson College

Two campuses, four presidents, and over 100,000 students – this is a snapshot of the 37-year tenure of recently announced retiree, Dean of Students Ronald Ludman.

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With latest tuition increase, college continues decadeslong trend

For current students, tuition for the 2015-16 school year has been set at $38,304, marking a 4.5 percent, or $1,654, increase.