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A letter to ‘harmless’ street hecklers

A woman’s body is not inherently sexual—the sexual objectification comes from you.

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Student spices up food journalism with vegan blog

Emerson senior, Caroline Cassard, is running a vegan food blog complete with recipes, essays and reviews.

Revival of the bob: a brief history of lobs

The bob was originally popularized by movie stars Colleen Moore and Louise Brooks in the ‘20s, when short hair was viewed as a bold statement of independence in young ladies, seeing as older generations were accustomed to girls wearing lengthy Edwardian-style hair.

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Using the purchasing power of your dollar

We, as consumers, are not considering where our clothing is coming from.

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100 years of history behind closed Colonial doors

On the evening of Dec. 20, 1900, rather than Emerson students dodging each other on their way to their four-hour long night classes, the Boylston sidewalk bustled with theatre goers on the grand opening of the Colonial Theatre.

Beacon's Boston: sip, sit, and shop in these spots

Check out the Beacon Staff's recommended cafes, parks, and thrift stores.

Trends and triumphs: A year’s worth of culture in review

From poignant protests on- and off-campus to the Facebook group Free and For Sale, a look at the trends that shaped Emerson's culture.

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Alum shows experience most valuable in the publishing industry

Alumna Rachel Amica, who now works in the marketing department at Travel & Leisure, said there is really just one thing a student should do: get involved.

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The end of an era: Emerson says goodbye to Sweetwater

The reverberation of jovial, beer-soaked banter in the Boylston alley will be replaced with the roar of demolition.

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Bus or bust: Boston curriculum faces history’s facts

White Americans must realize that the repercussions of this nation’s slave history are a part of our identity.

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James Berkowitz joins literary community in Los Angeles

"Communications allowed me to utilize my voice in an artistic manner."

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Emerson student, a Lost Boy of Sudan, forges future

When the Sudanese civil war began, William Muorwel, now a sophomore at Emerson, was separated from his family and friends, and became one of legions of refugees known as the Lost Boys.

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The trend that’s sweeping the streets and taming men’s messy manes

If you want a man bun, you have to earn it. And no, we’re not talking man buns, plural.

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The Blake Byrd Band performs at Texas Indie fest, preps new album

Junior Blake Byrd is at the point in his musical career when, even casually, his friends refer to him as Blake Byrd Band.

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Alumna tells tales of time in Old Hollywood

"We never were big stars—we were a part of the show and sometimes we'd be included and sometimes we wouldn't."

Poe statue to be erected  

A statue of Poe will be placed on the corner of Boylston Street and Charles Street South, in Poe Square, funded by the Poe Foundation and a $75,000 grant from the city of Boston.

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Art of impermanence: Student makes evanescent Expo works

"I think the fact that it can't and won't last makes it special." -Ben Patterson, sophomore writing, literature, and publishing

A look inside boxes, relationships, and a BFA student film

"This whole story is a personal story without necessarily being personal," said senior Paul Lazo, the film's director and co-writer.

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#ThereIsMoreToMe opens dialogue on race

"Race needs to be a conversation here at Emerson. It can't just be a little workshop here and there facilitated by someone." -Freshman Mona Moriya

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Students immerse themselves within world of cosplay

"Cosplay is having a passion for something so much that you want to immerse yourself into that world." -Freshman Faith D'Isa

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Students hop on late-night T service

On the first evening of Boston’s new late-night weekend service, Emerson students took advantage of their newfound ability to catch a cheap ride home while getting to stay out later.

Kiss and tell: Students create version of viral video

"Some people really just connected. A few of them had instant chemistry." -Freshman Corey Malone

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Iconic women, with an Emerson update

Herstory Month, taking place from March 10 to April 5, is being hosted on campus by the sorority Sigma Pi Theta.

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Emerson CUPSI team competes in Denver

The crowd was silent. They were waiting for the introduction of the 2014 Emerson College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational team.

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Busker sells hand-typed poems in Harvard Square T stop

On a Sunday afternoon, as people milled around waiting for the next outbound train to enter the Harvard Square station, the faint tapping of a solitary typewriter echoed off the underground walls, breaking the silence. Where the sound originated, freshman Gabe Kittle sat, his tall frame hunched over the machine. Beside him laid a box filled with poetry booklets and some change, as well as a sign that read, “I sell poems for a living, donations accepted.”

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Emerson represented at Miss Boston

<p class="p1"><span class="s1">When Emerson alumnu

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In tune, but out of the curriculum

Students interested in producing or composing music often have to seek out extracurricular opportunities and develop their craft on their own time.

Alcohol policy instated at Emerson Los Angeles

"These kinds of rules are on record with good reason." — Marcus Shutrump, senior visual and media arts major

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Troupes prepare for Skidmore comedy fest

"If you succeed at Skidmore, that means people that do comedy think you're funny." -Sophomore Justin Cordua

Across the pond: Hidden Inspirations

Cities are often synonymous with their biggest attractions: Paris is to the Eiffel Tower, as Rome is to the Coliseum, as London is to the palace guards. But what is Berlin synonymous with?

Across the Pond

Growing up while abroad is harder than it looks.

Across the Pond

Buckley discusses adjusting to a new culture

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Boston Strong raises $562,000

Two Emerson students’ Boston Strong fundraiser has sold over 37,000 shirts, according to their page on Initially hoping to sell 110, the pair has far exceeded this goal and raised over $562,000 for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings as of Wednesday.

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ERA Awards to honor leadership, civic engagement

After a large campaign to raise awareness about Emerson Recognition and Achievement Award nominations, this year’s ERA Awards will prove to be a larger exhibition of student work and accomplishment than in years past, according to Jason Meier, director of student activities.

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Living a life, interrupted

On April 4, 2012, Suleika Jaouad said she was sitting alone in her hospital room in the bone marrow transplant wing when she heard a man in the hall selling newspapers. She requested a copy of The New York Times, and when she turned to page D5, she saw an article titled, “Grown, but Still in Cancer’s ‘Tweens.” The byline displayed her own name.

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Emertainment Monthly covers entertainment journalism

O’Connor, a former Beacon correspondent, said she founded Emertainment Monthly, an entertainment news website, in September with the hopes of filling a void in Emerson’s array of magazines.

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Juice business inspired by alumna's battle with tumor

Melina DiPaola, a former writing, literature, and publishing major who graduated last May, said she carried her concern for her well-being throughout her adolescence and into early adulthood, decided she wanted to pursue health-consciousness as a career, and founded e.t.c juicery.

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New student magazines discuss social issues

The inception of a new magazine on campus tends to occur when a group of students feels passionate about filling a neglected niche. Thanks to Isis Magazine and Under the Covers, feminism, social issues, and the college lifestyle are now getting more coverage at Emerson.

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Lions and Oscars and discos, oh my!

According to co-president Katherine Raymond, the question that Emerson Mane Events consistently gets asked by Emerson students is, “Why?”

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The Awesome Cave echoes variety of voices

After graduating from Emerson last year, Danny Horgan faced a meager job market — so he created his own job.

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Running for a cause

On April 15, after running 26 miles in one day and raising over $5,000 dollars over the course of four months, senior Lauren Cortizo will be able to check one thing off her bucket list: participating in the Boston Marathon.

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Making magic modern

Benzaquin, who can be caught with a deck of cards on him wherever he goes, said he initially became interested in magic as a 5-year-old after watching TV shows such as The World’s Greatest Magic and various David Copperfield specials.

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Potential pledges get a taste for Greek life

At the Greek Life Open House held in the Bill Bordy Theater Tuesday, all seven Emerson Greek lettered organizations came together not only to draw new members in, but also to bring current members together.

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Emerson unable to ground high-flying Owls

Throughout the game, Cloutier contributed a steal and two blocks to the Emerson effort, which she later said was an attempt to be more aggressive on defense to spark the team on offense.

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Friends share a bone-deep bond

Before undergoing bone marrow harvesting surgery in May 2011, Maxine Renning only knew that she would be saving a 26-year-old woman’s life.

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Feminist panel hopes to stomp out stereotypes

Three feminist activists will discuss their work, how they see their missions as feminists, and why they do what they do during the panel “How Does Feminism Inform Your Activism?” today, Nov. 8.

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Column connects student to home

Hulbert, a freshman writing, literature, and publishing major, writes a column, “The Freshman,” twice a month about her Emerson experience for her hometown newspaper, The Daily Breeze.

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Emerson Comedy Workshop gets new talent

Throughout the show, two characters kept running into a couple that claimed their superiority by saying, “But we have dogs!”

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Students devise 90-minute dance competition

After the five contestants perform their pieces, two will be eliminated by live text message voting.

Event celebrates off-limits literature

Banned Books Week, an annual national campaign designed to celebrate the freedom to read, is sponsored by the American Library Association. For the past three years, Pub Club has organized programs aimed to bring awareness to Emerson, said club Co-President Ross Wagenhofer.

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Open house kicks off new diversity initiative

President M. Lee Pelton launched a plan to build community engagement at Emerson College under the leadership of newly-appointed Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Sylvia Spears.

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The different worlds of WERS and WECB

In the depths of the Ansin building, tucked away from the bustling sounds of Boston, lie the offices of WERS and WECB