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Back at home, back in the closet

For many it’s easy to be out and proud at a left-leaning college like Emerson, but when we return to more conservative, less supportive communities, we have to pretend to be someone we are not.

Spacey's sexuality is no excuse for past assaults

For most of us in the community, coming out is a moment when we can finally be ourselves.

LGBTQ column: Out of the closet, into a box

The most radical thing we can do as a community is to be ourselves. We don’t need to look at societal, heteronormative ideals on how we must behave. We don’t need to try to break the mold if we don’t want to.

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Mindfulness course moves students to meditate

Overwhelmed students seeking tranquility can turn to the Mindfulness Practitioner Program, a new initiative focused on mindfulness meditation.

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Poetry Project hosts regional slam

The Emerson Poetry Project’s first ever regional poetry slam served as a testing ground for students’ pieces before attending a national event in April.

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Somber stories clean up at yearly award show

A man in a bear suit falling in love, a clown coming out of retirement, and an assault survivor preparing to box—were just a few shorts featured at the 17th Annual Emerson College Film Festival on Saturday in the Bright Lights Screening Room.

Boston students hit LA for the Oscars

Students attending Emerson’s Oscar Talk in Los Angeles will have an opportunity to learn about the film industry from working professionals in their field.

First Muslim congressman talks moving forward post election

Congressman Keith Ellison, a candidate for Democratic National Committee chair and the first Muslim congressman, spoke at the Bill Bordy Theater. He addressed the Democratic Party’s loss in the 2016 election and emphasized the importance of voting moving forward.