The Berkeley Beacon

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Beacon’s presidential endorsement

And ultimately, we are endorsing Secretary Clinton because, as she said, “It really does come down to what kind of country we are going to have.”

A novel idea: personal narrative as public awareness

In an attempt to comprehend, we detach ourselves from the lives that we seek to avenge.

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Re-envisioning environmental media: a millennial's guide

The state of the world presents a new job market and activism opportunities for Emerson students.

More than just talk: combating rape culture rhetoric

We’re setting ourselves up for failure if we don’t pay close attention to language and semantics, both in the classroom and in the real world.

Beacon staff evaluates enigmatic election

Trump certainly is consistent—consistently foolish.

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Diversity to disillusionment: The transfer experience

The deck of cards seemed to be stacked even higher against the transfer student of color.

Indigenous inclusivity: turning the tide on the Columbus legacy

By rethinking how we name this day, our institution can demonstrate its respect for the perspectives of indigenous citizens, both within and outside of our academic community.

Dreadlocks on nonblack models: expression or erasure?

Presenting these models with dreadlocks takes a marginalized group’s culture and turns it into a fad without knowing, understanding, or having lived the group’s history.

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Bylines and books: literature in the long term

Face it—not everyone wants to carry around a newspaper everywhere they go.

Our generation holds the cards: deal us in to democracy

No matter whom one votes for, this election will usher in a term of change.

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Debate discourse fails to break the cycle

We must fight to ensure that underrepresented people in this country not only speak but are heard.

Comedy with a cause: humor in the realm of social justice

There is a difference between comedy based on individualistic pain and systemic pain.

Night owls need a place to roost

The perception of Boston as a boring city likely has a profound effect on retention of recent grads as the actual late night entertainment options that exist.

Digital demonstration: Tweets won't turn the tide

Our social media saturated world has forced us to shift the ways in which we define civic engagement.

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Living through a lens: a fractured view of American life

The media I was exposed to portrays life here in extremes, but day-to-day life is somewhere in the middle.