The Berkeley Beacon

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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Nationalism, Masculinity, and Friendship

How ironic, and completely unsurprising, that I was desperate for a woman to save men’s gender politics.

Trump’s election reveals hidden prejudice

Progress can only be made when there is opportunity for reconciliation in the wake of disagreement.

Students take to the streets

Arm-in-arm with fellow students, we are able to voice our beliefs in a way that is peaceful and powerful.

Emerson's lack of language classes hold students back

Without language classes, we are detached from the world.

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Nonfiction narratives: facts find focus

The point of nonfiction is to tell something in its most truthful tone—sometimes an imperfect one.

Donald’s Democracy: A new America

For a lot of us, after disappointment, there was fear.

Bubbles of bias cloud perceptions

Somehow, we got lost in a liberal bubble that blocked out their sound.

Election results indicate misunderstanding

We were living in a bubble, apparently. Because the majority of America did not agree.

Thanks, Obama: A Fond Farewell

Maybe it’s the depressing election cycle, or maybe it’s the countless adorable videos of the Obamas with children, but it’s clear that Americans are not ready to see our president go.

Liminal lives: the immigrant experience in modern America

Why does the conversation surrounding migrant peoples fail to acknowledge the positive contributions of immigrants?

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Discussion and disconnect: democracy from the sidelines

The experience of having to be a bystander in two landmark decisions has solidified the importance of democracy for me.

It’s the time of the season where parties are pleasin’

Partying is a sort of right of passage in college, and one that isn’t really given any credence.

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Education reform starts with savvy students

As we continue to learn and grow, it's important for us to understand what we want to stand up and use our voices for.

Artists shed light on historically ignored issues

I feel artists have a responsibility to shed light on topics of value—like American's broken prison system—in order to drive people to take action and create change.