Crime Log 2/25

by Nathanael King / Beacon Staff • February 25, 2016

Monday Feb. 15

A pedestrian turned in a lost change purse, belonging to a student, to the Emerson College Police Department. ECPD took inventory of the purse as part of the department’s lost and found policy and found that it contained marijuana and drug paraphernalia, which were confiscated. ECPD returned the other belongings to the student, and turned the matter over to Student Conduct for possible discipline.


Tuesday Feb. 16
ECPD investigated a disturbance where a suspect had vandalized a front door to the Little Building. ECPD is seeking criminal charges against the vandal.

A staff member at the Paramount Center theater reported that an unknown person used a marker to draw graffiti in a bathroom.


Thursday Feb. 18

A delivery truck accidentally struck the Paramount’s theater marquee, causing minor damage.

The Boston Fire Department and ECPD responded to a fire alarm at the Paramount Center. An investigation revealed the cause of the fire alarm was haze, a form of artificial fog used in theater. There was no fire or injuries to report.


Friday Feb. 19

BFD and ECPD responded to the Paramount Center for another fire alarm. It was determined that the cause was from the use of haze. The theater was asked to discontinue the use of haze until a solution could be found to stop the alarms. 

ECPD stopped and questioned a person who was harassing a student in front of the Colonial Building residence hall. The person was given a trespass notice and asked to stop.


Saturday Feb. 20

An ECPD officer on patrol found the Huret & Spector Gallery—located on the sixth floor of the Tufte Building—unsecured. The officer conducted a search of the premises before securing the gallery.