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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

LGBTQ+ column: Exploring the inner gay club culture

What makes queer clubs one of the best places to be is the freedom it gives all who enter.

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Humans of Emerson documents students’ stories

“He made us feel like we each had stories to tell,” Howell said.

Style notes: In defense of outfit repeating

After seeing The Lizzie McGuire Movie in 2003, I was convinced outfit-repeating was a crime.

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Mood magazine gives artists colorful direction

The design of the publication is simple, the art is varied, and there’s only one rule: create to the hue.

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Dreaming in doodles toward a career in game design

Once her computer booted up, and a gaming or horror podcast sounded through her headphones, Lamb drew until she completed the piece—a total of five hours later.

Love Column: Giving up men for good

I knew I liked women, but I didn’t want to let go of also liking men.

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New org focuses on self-care instead of self-promotion

“We wanted Stitch and Bitch to be a way to relieve the pressure for just a few hours,” Pollock said.

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Emerson’s oldest magazine re-develops itself

"What we’re really trying to do here at DI is cancel the limits.”

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Alum brings her creative talents to St. Francis house

“The perception that intelligence has something to do with homelessness is incorrect,” Buchanan said.

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Bites with Becca: Recreating a family favorite

I grew up in America, but with a purebred Polish father, and I’ve been privy to his family’s food in small doses.

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Socialist Alternative brings political passion to campus

When coming across flyers for the Socialist Alternative plastered throughout campus, one can only imagine that many students have misunderstandings about the group.

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A friendship stitched together through embroidery

Two Emerson friends, Sara Barber and Ashley Dunn, have found a way to make easy money while doing something they call both relaxing and fun: embroidery.

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An artist inspired by the underrated female form

Taylor Roberts, a junior visual and media arts major, needs only a small drawing pad and Photoshop to enter a world full of emotion and expression.

Queer questions: How to start the new year off right

I write this letter to you as one queer student to another in hopes of making your journey a bit easier than mine.