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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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Aesthete: The key to unlocking a new city

Aesthete produces videos of passionate and cultured locals talking about their favorite places to go around their home cities.

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Students get their stories published professionally

Both authors produced powerful stories that are sure to challenge readers’ perceptions.

LGBTQ+ column: Using the election to reflect on the good

My first kiss gave me the courage to withstand their comments and dream about one day being openly gay.

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EDC dancers prepare for upcoming fall show

They walk through their formations as the song “Hands to myself” by Selena Gomez blasts from her Macbook.

Accepting one’s voice, accepting one’s self

We need to stop enforcing gender roles in a community that should be working to demolish them, and instead embrace what differentiates us.

Style Column: The civil union of fashion and politics

Fashion has been changing the political and social culture for centuries.

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New org hopes to educate about South Asian culture

These events are made to help people learn new things about their own culture and the culture of others.

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Students help shape the minds of youth

“We lead students to understand that they can be change-makers, even as 13 or 14-year-olds,” Shah said.

The dating myth surrounding queer women

I was holding onto a fantasy that queer women weren’t people; they were perfect ephemeral beings who could do no wrong.

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Alum’s created persona featured on Funny or Die

“I know the character so well, I’ve actually become the character,” Gonzalez said.

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Students walk doggos all over city as part-time job

Dog walkers then can metaphorically swipe right for these dogs and then possibly be matched.

Beacon's best: Must-see sites for fall frolicking

Beacon fall favorites!

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Bites with Becca: Senegalese food is nutty

It’s a hearty recipe: fish stewed with tomatoes, vegetables, and peanut oil, topped over broken rice. It sounded quite delicious, and not too difficult, so I began to plan.