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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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Alumni tackle taboo topics on The Wet Seat podcast

Ashley Cunningham ‘16, always felt people should be more open about sex.

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Alum Gaby Dunn returns to Boston for YA book tour

Dunn and Raskin's YA novel features mental illness, gay by May, and the less-than-perfect college experience.

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Bites with Becca: Chardonnay and Chorizo

What wine pairs well with cauliflower hash browns and spicy breakfast burritos? A $6 chardonnay will probably complement the dish—as long as it is after 1 a.m.

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Food fest brings international tastes to Emerson

Students gathered in the Bill Bordy around small tables and sat on the floor. A long line spilled out the door. The earthy smell of falafel wafted through the air, mixing with the fishy scent of sushi. Members of the Emerson community filled the theater, not looking for a film or a play, but instead looking to travel the world’s kitchens.

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Student Spotlight: Fourth year, fourth finish

On Monday, over 26,000 runners crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon. One of them was Logan Reever.

LGBTQ Column: Taking the bait

When I started watching the first episode of the CW teen drama Riverdale, I was excited, but a little tentative.

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Personality and prose in professor's new book

Meta Wagner is what her new book refers to as an A-lister. She seeks recognition and validation, dreams of fame and adoration, and has an end goal in immortality.

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Cheer team brings bras to homeless

Normally, the Emerson College Cheerleaders occupy their time by backing the school’s athletic teams. This spring, however, they’re aiming to provide support of a different kind.

The art of style stealing

There are no rules regarding plagiarizing style. It’s anarchy. Anybody can take your look.

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Grad student combines data and art to teach teens

This seemingly simple task was part of a larger initiative called DIY Data Art, designed to teach them how to collect and communicate data effectively.

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Children’s author says ‘yes’ to saying no

After volunteering to help her Uncle Alex find his keys, help her mother set the table, and help five other friends and family members, Zoey finds herself at loss. She loves to help people—but she no longer has time to listen to her radio.

Ask Jackie: Like a Virgin

If my friends’ stories have taught me anything, it’s that having sex for the first time can go a lot of different ways.

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Students and faculty make waste wearable

Last winter, Michael Bartz spent 13 hours to fill his entire room—wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling—with 1,800 balloons. He confessed he’d only done it because it had been a dream of his.

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Students to walk in support of suicide prevention

Last semester, Suzie Hicks sat in class, idly scrolling through her Facebook feed in a desperate attempt to relieve her boredom. Through the site’s typically endless feed of political opinions, cute animal photos, and easy recipe videos cycled through Hicks’ screen, one post stood out.

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Students designs device to keep kids safe

About 17 years ago, a regular day at the beach took an abrupt turn when 3-year-old Sierra Ducey found herself lost and completely panicked. Luckily, a man pointed her to the lifeguard who then returned her to her father. For Ducey, now a junior marketing communication major, this experience became the inspiration behind her current entrepreneurial project, Kids Positioning System, or KiPS, a geographic tracking device that enables parents to track their kids’ locations.