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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

EAGLE hosts Queer History Month

“[Being queer] is not something to shun but to be embraced, to be proud of,” Henderson-West said. “The best way to help that cause is to inform and to educate, and bring people together.”

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Freshmen aim to start summer camp

“I hope [the children] find friendships like the ones I found,” Kumar said. “I hope they find support through it and I hope it’s a safe place for them, something they always look forward to coming back to.”

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Bites with Becca: A lesson in loving leftovers

There's only one thing better than a home cooked meal. I'm talking about the hero of brown bag lunches and impromptu sandwiches. It’s a blessing, it’s a lifesaver — I'm talking leftovers.

Love Column: An online dating recipe for disaster

I don’t do online dating. I wish I did, but I just don’t. I would rather ruin a relationship with someone I know in real life, you know? I’m into making places I frequent real awkward for myself.

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SheCult collective plans to publish magazine

“We want to serve as a collective in the sense that we’re more encompassing than just a platform for the school, which we do exist in and within, but we want to open it up to Boston and beyond,” Barber said.

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Students take to the Freedom Trail for Survivor Boston

Filming for season two of Survivor Boston began at the end of September. This season is called Survivor Boston: The Esplanade, and filming is set to span the whole semester. Falberg hopes to upload the first episode of season two by early March.

Style column: Body before bra

Not wearing a bra is nothing new: The women’s liberation movement in the 1960s invented bra burning. Now, the eschewing of bras is just as significant of a political statement.

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Hidden Lantern festival to shine light on mental health

Hicks and Penfield-Cyr said they hope to start a tradition at Emerson where students can find a sense of belonging and purpose, and to empower college students in the Boston area to share their voice.

Real Talk creates conversations, supports students

“This program is not necessarily for students who have an ongoing sense that they need support,” Blum said. “It’s a place to find a greater diversity in friendship, a place where you can be heard.”

LGBTQ column: Out of the closet, into a box

The most radical thing we can do as a community is to be ourselves. We don’t need to look at societal, heteronormative ideals on how we must behave. We don’t need to try to break the mold if we don’t want to.

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College hires Pulitzer winner

This semester Farrell is teaching classes on digital journalism and photojournalism. He said he plans to teach documentary photography in the spring.

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Mindfulness course moves students to meditate

Overwhelmed students seeking tranquility can turn to the Mindfulness Practitioner Program, a new initiative focused on mindfulness meditation.

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Freshman brings menstrual movement to campus

“We want to encourage the conversation surrounding periods,” Lalani said. “What we do is provide menstrual products to homeless people and to those in need who can’t afford them.”

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Bites with Becca: Off-campus cooking starter pack

Whether you're in your first off-campus apartment or you're just tired of your meal plan, every college student gains something out of learning to cook.

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Entrepreneurs envision future after E3 experience

Since its establishment in 2005, the Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship program (E3), has served as a stepping stone for students who want to advance their careers in business.