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Friday, July 10, 2020

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Defining contemporary art, or not: Student curators bring disparate artists to campus gallery

Visual art installations on Emerson’s campus often have to wedge themselves into space built for other purposes. The Huret & Spector Gallery offers an exception.

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LA Center opens up, not just to students

The Los Angeles program has traditionally been considered a satellite semester with an internship. But during the second day of move-in, Bright describes his vision as one where Emerson gives back to the surrounding Hollywood community.

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Cartoon writers find a voice, or a few: Juniors stage reading of original animated series

After two years of hard work, dubious rewrites, and countless creative arguments, two juniors have an animated series of its own in the works, and the passion the two hold for cartoons shines brightly in its engaging and complex story.

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Coping with devastation, 8,000 miles away

The natural disasters that desolated the southern region of the Philippines have Filipino students at Emerson fearing for their families’ well-being, and searching for how they can make a difference in the other hemisphere.

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Bringing concussions to light

Freshman Molly Caron has led an effort to reform concussion protocol in Massachusetts high schools. At Emerson, concussion policies go above the NCAA standard.

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Just a little recognition: Orgs vie for nod from SGA, cope with denials

On Nov. 1, 10 student groups submitted application packets to the SGA for organization recognition. The recognition process requires student groups to have a clear mission, a sound financial plan, a constitution, and to be different from existing groups, among other requirements.

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Outside the Lines: Emerson softball star brings talents to Red Sox

Next to the five former ballplayers, Lynn Herman’s light blonde hair and 5-foot-8 frame stood out . But it was just another day at work for the Emerson alumna, now an ambassador and ball attendee for the 2013 world champion Red Sox.

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Ups and Downs: Surviving — and embracing —  a vertical campus

The decorum, behavior, and culture found in Emerson’s elevators are unique to every passenger while also holding students together — sometimes a bit too closely.

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Foundation on the Margins: Liberal arts profs try to offer value at a specialized school

Liberal Arts professors at Emerson hope to give students the skills to thrive in a changing, complex world—the same skills that have allowed them to work at a narrowly-focused institution.

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Elma Lewis' long legacy of high standards: Over decades, new center's namesake spread the arts

Lewis’ impact is far-reaching — an arts activist and educator, she established African-American artistic centers and was a persistent presence in the Boston community.

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'Roads is where the heart is: Neighborhood pub kept alumni coming back

On April 12, alumni gathered to drink, reminisce, and find themselves in the pictures on the walls of Crossroads Irish Pub, which would close a week later. From 1978 until the college left Back Bay, ’Roads was an Emerson fixture.

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Hug it out: Troupe members converge in L.A. to form Bearhug Comedy

Since forming last October, Bearhug Comedy has been writing, performing, and producing comedy sketches for their YouTube channel.

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Just can't wait to be mascot: Rogue lion has an Emerson approach to school spirit

When he originally starting prowling around the lower levels of Piano Row, the man in the Griff the Lion suit was not an official Emerson College agent.

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With a Lion's heart, Keeling sought challenges

His laundry list of accomplishments mark former Emerson Athletic Director Rudy Keeling as a pivotal figure in changing Emerson sports from an arts school afterthought to a rising Division 3 program, but those who knew Keeling say that receiving credit meant little to the Lions’ self-assured leader.

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There and back again

Kevin Bright, an alumnus who was one of the original executive producers of the mega-hit TV show Friends, will lead the Los Angeles Center, set to open early next year.