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Friday, July 10, 2020

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Stranger than satire: courses provide peculiar perspectives

These classes are particularly important because they provide students with new perspectives and give them a chance to get out of their comfort zone.

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From hardcore to hard knocks: Alum lands at NESN

“Throughout pretty much all of high school and college I was split between playing guitar in hardcore bands and being into sports,” said Doug Kyed, who is now entering his second full season as Patriots beat writer for

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College and career intersect during LA program

A practical perspective—gaining a look at the industry before graduating—is what several participants identified as the crucial element in the summer LA acting program.

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Medical marijuana users face strain on campus

Currently, the college doesn’t distinguish between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana use, according to the school’s drug policy. In Emerson’s eyes, McHale isn’t treating a medical problem when he lights up a joint; he’s just getting high.

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Exploring a new dimension of creativity: Student makes 3D printer

Sophomore Dan Barkus made a 3D printer, a tool that can build nearly any imaginable shape.

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Readying for postgrad life, as publisher or published

Each of the three components of the writing, literature, and publishing major is distinct and nuanced in its own right. For the graduating class of 2014, these divides are especially poignant.

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Through a different lens, alumni hope to shed light on culture

Sam Mathius and a trio of other Emerson alumni are preparing to begin traveling through South America to shoot a documentary leading up to and through the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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Pedaling for diabetes research, student makes and films history

After 50 days, 3,363 miles, 13 states, and four flat tires, Greg Auerbach crossed the country on his bicycle and raised over $4,000 in donations for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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For student broadcaster, it’s never too early for ambition

Mudrick balances sass on camera with a critical, professional eye off-camera, exhibiting dedication to both his role as a cast member and also as a critic of himself and the show.

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Greek life, or at least a few months

Greek life is supposed to be more than just another extracurricular activity — it is meant to foster lifelong relationships. Why, after putting in the time and energy necessary to land these connections, would someone leave Greek life behind?

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As protests flare, Emerson sends support

Images and videos of violent protests in Venezuela have surfaced in social media streams over the last two weeks, and students follow the updates — not only to find out what’s happening, but also to figure out if her friends and relatives are OK.

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A common question, not so simple for some

On Feb. 13, Facebook added an option to choose from more than 50 new gender options—from trans to intersex to gender questioning. The change allows users in the United States to mix and match one or more of those options, and more easily switch between pronouns: him, her, or they.

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In the fitness center, Emerson-style bros: A broader base of applicants makes way for diverse gym-goers

The school’s historically offbeat, stereotypically hipster population has been met with a counterculture of “bros” and “gym rats."

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In tune, but out of the curriculum

Students interested in producing or composing music often have to seek out extracurricular opportunities and develop their craft on their own time.

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For smokers, a Common spot revoked

Robertson Kolby Woodfield was walking through Boston Common smoking his daily cigarette when a passerby gave him some unexpected news: he was breaking the law.