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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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The end of an era: Emerson says goodbye to Sweetwater

The reverberation of jovial, beer-soaked banter in the Boylston alley will be replaced with the roar of demolition.

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Three schools, 14 varsity sports, one team

They wear the same purple and gold uniforms, tap their IDs in the lobby of Piano Row, and may even know more about the Lions than the average student, but several of the department’s student-athletes aren’t actually enrolled at Emerson College.

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James Berkowitz joins literary community in Los Angeles

"Communications allowed me to utilize my voice in an artistic manner."

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Upcoming play breaks the sound barrier

A constant oral and optical interchange is intrinsic to "Mother Hicks," a play in which all lines are delivered in spoken English and ASL.

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Michael Brown, professor and champion for athletics

Professor Michael Brown has been at Emerson College “forever,” he said. He’s had front-row seats to the athletic department's myriad changes over the past 45 years.

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After finding value of verse at Emerson, alumna becomes poet laureate

Danielle Legros Georges, who graduated from Emerson in 1986, said she is ready to grow poetry’s prestige in the city and engage Boston residents in expression and connection.

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Memoirs explore the meaning of manhood

A professor and two alumni navigate the meaning of manhood in the context of their relationships with their own fathers.

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Scoops, she did it again: Alum turns popular blog into ice cream business

Chloe Jankowitz is now the owner of Scoopsies, a small ice cream delivery service based out of her own Somerville home. For Jankowitz, creating ice cream mixes personal and business.

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For public school students, a taste of arts at Emerson

EmersonPathways is a free program for Boston public high school students that aims to prepare participants for college and give them the space and support to express themselves through the arts.

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In quidditch, athletes see compelling option

Although the league isn’t officially recognized by Emerson and receives no college funds, players said they have found a more rewarding—and sometimes, more successful—opportunity in quidditch.

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Emerson student, a Lost Boy of Sudan, forges future

When the Sudanese civil war began, William Muorwel, now a sophomore at Emerson, was separated from his family and friends, and became one of legions of refugees known as the Lost Boys.

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Touring tap dancer returns to Emerson—as student

"My mother has always supported me in everything that I do, which I am very grateful for." -Leo Manzari

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Back in the game: Former NBA player becomes men’s basketball coach

In Piano Row, deep beneath the street, the Emerson men’s basketball team has begun hitting the gym in preparation for their upcoming season. Meanwhile, in the athletic department, the team’s new coach is suiting up and strapping in to answer some emails.

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Alumna tells tales of time in Old Hollywood

"We never were big stars—we were a part of the show and sometimes we'd be included and sometimes we wouldn't."

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Travels with Benoit: Promos and production prompt crisscrossing summer

A bestselling nonfiction writer, Denizet-Lewis’ honest and inquisitive pieces about weighty issues like identity, religion, and addiction have recently propelled him to national renown.