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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Biking through the city with favors in tow

Many Emerson students are making money biking around Boston, and delivering various items to people.

Not just film kids: the forgotten side of VMA

Imagine a typical visual and media arts student. Maybe you envision someone peering through the viewfinder of a camera borrowed from the Equipment Distribution Center, or hunched over a Steenbeck in the Ansin Building, meticulously splicing celluloid strips together.

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Late night services in high demand for busy students

Freshman Hana Antrim sat on the hard tile floor outside of her dorm room at 1 a.m. diligently finishing her assignment due the next morning. In an attempt to be considerate of her sleeping roommate Antrim was stranded, with the library doors locked and the TV blaring in her floor’s common room.

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Bobbi Brown leaves lasting impact on students

Brown is the founder, namesake, and CCO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and an alumna from the class of ‘79. The company launched in 1991 with the motto that every woman should be her own makeup artist and the mission statement: “The secret to beauty is simple: be who you are.”

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Kings and queens are Dragtoberfest royalty

The Heauxnas Brothers, Killer Kyle, Mitchell Van Dike, Phoebe Saint-Jefferson, and Cash all competed for the crown. After host Lucille welcomed them onto the stage, contestants were judged on their choreography, lip sync abilities, and the originality of their performance.

The pros and cons of the interim administrator

Interim administration at Emerson nearly quadrupled from 2011-2013, but Vice President of Academic Affairs Michaele Whelan said this hasn’t stunted the college’s progress.

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From the grandstand to pit road

For many, the thrill of attending a NASCAR race is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The roar of the engines, the waving of the black and white checkered flag, and the brightly colored fire suits are only images seen on the TV screen. For Mike Massaro, these visions are seen daily while on the job.

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Lions look to join campus culture

Last fall, if you were to walk into the Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym and look around, you wouldn’t have seen much. The usual purple covered the walls, “Emerson College” written on the ends of the hardwood floor, and the signature “e” logo banner hanging high next to a scoreboard.

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Bright Lights highlights marginalized voices

There’s a new rating system tucked in the pages of the Bright Lights Fall 2015 program—instead of classifying a picture based on the content’s maturity, it highlights its diversity.

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After student action, Emerson launches Bias Response Program

Emerson is widely known as a college focused on diversity, inclusion, and liberality, but student’s recent complaints of prejudice on campus contrast this reputation.

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Ludman’s legacy: 37 years at Emerson College

Two campuses, four presidents, and over 100,000 students – this is a snapshot of the 37-year tenure of recently announced retiree, Dean of Students Ronald Ludman.

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Lions struggle to become king of the urban jungle

The college’s new, permanent athletic facilities may be more convenient, but they’re not perfect, as they’ve presented a slew of new problems for athletes and coaches alike.

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Emerson students to run in marathon for charity

Motivated by family and charity, two Emerson students will run in this year's Boston Marathon—a demanding event that they said means so much to the city.

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Alum shows experience most valuable in the publishing industry

Alumna Rachel Amica, who now works in the marketing department at Travel & Leisure, said there is really just one thing a student should do: get involved.

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Clery Act calls for thorough reporting from college

Emerson College police officers can be seen patrolling the campus and responding to crimes, but what students don’t see is officers compiling statistics of every crime that happens at the college.