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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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2014 Year in Review: Photos

In 2014, the Beacon published 459 photographs, and our photographers took thousands more to get just the right shot.

Ridiculously last minute gifts

Have you figured out what to get your family and friends for the holidays? Here are some ideas for the shopper about to get on the plane.

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Beacon Beats: Achoired Taste

The a cappella group Achoired Taste joined Beacon Beats—the Beacon's new musical performance series—to sing a harmonious vocal medley.

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Beacon Beats: Kevin Zabrecky

For the inaugural Beacon Beats, Kevin Zabrecky, a senior performing arts major, played a mix of his latest compositions.

Appreciating Assembly Square

The newest addition to the Orange Line and only about 20 minutes from Emerson’s campus!

Thrifting other than H&M

When the Garment District or By the Pound just isn't doing it for you anymore.

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Caption contest: Nov. 10

A cartoon that needs a caption!

Ease into East Boston

East Boston isn't just for Logan International Airport.

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Caption contest: Nov. 2

Another cartoon, another caption just waiting to be submitted.

Hipster bars even Emerson kids don't know about

Sometimes you need to venture away from Sweetwater Tavern and see what other bars are out there.

Dive into Davis Square

Davis Square is a great place for some throwback vibes—and has the perfect aesthetic for your Instagram account.

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Caption contest: Oct 21

Caption contest! Comment below with your name and something about these cautious pumpkins.

Release your inner child

Instead of going to the playground at the Esplanade for the umpteenth time with your crew of friends in the middle of a cold Boston night, you should try out these new exciting places to release some stress and have low-key fun.

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A look at Dragtoberfest

Hosted annually by Emerson's Alliance for Gays, Lesbians, and Everyone, or EAGLE, Dragtoberfest is a drag performance and competition for Emerson students.

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Caption contest: Oct 12

Weekly caption contest! Comment below and be sure to include your name and Emerson email.