Ridiculously last minute gifts

by Rebecca Fiore / Beacon Staff • December 9, 2014

It’s the end of the night and all your finals are over. You are ready to go home and spend the holidays with family and friends, but there is something missing. Whenever college finals are in the picture, everything else seems to get lost—and that includes getting gifts for people. You can just do a classic “Boston Strong” T-shirt from the airport, but what’s the fun or creativity in that? Here are some ideas for the shopper about to get on the plane.


A bag of coffee:

The Thinking Cup, Caffe Nero, and Boston Common Coffee Company are all within walking distance of the school. Grabbing a bag of single-source organic coffee is a nice and useful present for overworked parents, tired aunts and uncles, or beverage gourmand friends. Plus, making it a local coffeehouse gives it more of a special feel, instead of getting a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts gift card (again). And if you don’t like coffee, go ahead and grab a bag of Santa’s Secret black tea from DavidsTea in Downtown Crossing.

Via Flickr via Creative Commons

Tickets to a show:

One convenient thing about going to a performing arts school is being able to see shows at beautiful theaters. Emerson isn’t set in the heart of the Theater District for nothing. Take advantage of this by getting tickets for Breath & Imagination, a musical about the first African-American to perform with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The play runs from Jan. 27 to Feb. 8 on weekends. It’s the perfect gift to start the new year off right.

Via Flickr via Creative Commons

Cupcakes (or other treats):

Hopefully your plane, train, or bus ride isn’t too long, so you can take a batch of cupcakes home. Just in time for Christmas dinner is a beautiful and festive dessert—you’ll definitely be the hit of the holiday soiree. Sweet is located in Downtown Crossing, but then you have the famous Georgetown Cupcakes on Newbury. Maybe you want a little bit of everything.

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AMC Theatres Gift Card:

People love gift cards, whether or not they want to admit it. This one means a free trip to the movies, maybe a Coke and some Thin Mints too. People don’t want to go to the movies anymore because they’re too expensive and they can just get features for free online. Why leave your comfortable dorm bed when you have Netflix? An AMC card is a great gift for a loved one so they can warm up for a few hours in a cozy IMAX theater.

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Emerson College Sweatshirt:

Rep your city! Give the gift of Emerson to your friends in sweats form. Just go to the bookstore and walk straight to the back; there are often some sales going on, too. There are all different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can even grab them a bestseller while you’re at it.  And now they don’t have a reason not to visit you, because they will be bundled up and looking good.