Appreciating Assembly Square

by Rebecca Fiore / Beacon Staff • November 22, 2014

The newest addition to the Orange Line and only about 20 minutes from Emerson’s campus. Even though it’s advertised as a shopping center in Somerville, there’s much more to it. 


 Legoland Discovery Center:

Lego: A small plastic brick from Denmark that has been eaten by many a child and injured the soles of feet worldwide. The center has a factory tour, 4D cinema, some rides, and of course, beautiful Lego creations of the city’s landmarks. While this attraction is for little ones—ages three to 10 recommended—that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy it too. Every third Wednesday of the month is Adult Night, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Via Flickr via Creative Commons


Sylvester Baxter Riverfront Park:

So many parks and so little time. This one is named after a journalist and Boston urban planner back in 1870s. On the side of the infamous Mystic River, the park spans right behind the shopping center. During the summer there are outdoor movies, but while the chill is fresh in the air, a nice walk by the water might just be the right setting for you. Take a stroll with a date or go for a jog along a different waterfront.


Paul Bakery:

While Paul might not been so widely known in America, throughout Europe, it is a hit. The bakery started in 1889 in Croix, France by the Mayot family. Today, the famous black-fronted shop is located in 20 countries. From simple Parisian bread to macaroons, this place might be the newest Thinking Cup or Caffe Nero. The French chain plans to open up more locations throughout Boston by 2017, but for now it’s Assembly Square for some tarte poires cannelle (cinnamon pear pie) and entremet craquants (chocolate mousse cake).

Via Flickr via Creative Commons


Burger Dive:

We all know about good burgers here in Boston. Whether you are a fan of Tasty Burger, Four Burgers, or Boston Burger Company, it doesn’t matter, because a true burger lover is always open to trying something new. The joint describes itself as having a “clean, industrial feel,” which is not dissimilar to Shake Shack. Don’t even worry about your picky eaters or your handful of vegetarian friends, because the menu is full of options. The hardest question you will answer is, regular or sweet potato fries?


Brazilian Martial Arts:

While everybody else was kung-fu fighting, you can be learning the ways of another form of self-defense and impress fellow partygoers by flashing a few new moves. Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay thai, and boxing are just some of the options this center has to offer. Marcelo Siqueria, head instruct and owner of the center, is a former World Karate champion, according to its website. Here’s to a fun and invigorating way to keep in shape during the colder months.