Dive into Davis Square

by Rebecca Fiore / Beacon Staff • October 24, 2014

While the end of the Red Line might seem like a curious place to which few have ventured, it really isn’t. In fact, just steps outside the T station lies some interesting spots for food, fuel, and flashbacks. Davis Square is a great place for some throwback vibes—and has the perfect aesthetic for your Instagram account.



For all those 21 and over who are tired of Sweetwater and never plan on stepping foot inside Whiskey Saigon, a quick trip to the Cambridge/Somerville area is just what you need. This bar isn’t just pretending to be classy for a night, though it is the perfect atmosphere for that, as seen here. It’s a true blast from the past with its fun and secretive speakeasy theme. With 30 different beers to choose from, you really have no excuse to drink PBR anymore. Oh, and did I mention it’s underground? How’s that for a fancy hipster bar? Just look for the discrete logoed lamp on Elm Street.

Via Flickr via Creative Commons

Diesel Cafe

There’s nothing nicer than a cup of coffee and a pool table. Maybe that combination wasn’t the first that comes to mind, but it’s pretty creative. This industrial-styled space is vegetarian-friendly, coffee-snob conscious, and all around the most interesting cafe across the Charles. Take a break from your weekly dates at the Thinking Cup and make some memories in the photobooth inside. Feeling like you are in a 50s gas station never was this cool.

Via Flickr via Creative Commons


Sacco’s Bowl Haven

If you aren’t a New England native, you might never heard of candlepin bowling. Essentially it’s regular bowling, but with thinner pins and smaller balls. It started in 1880 in Worcester, Massachusetts, but has come a long way. If you get tired of a couple of rounds of rolling a ball, you can always get a delicious wood-fired flatbread. Nothing like building up an appetite after a rigorous “sport.”

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Rosebud Diner

In 1999, this diner was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and now it gives retro a trendy feel. This distinctive restaurant is actually a refurbished diner from 1941, and with a menu full of Thai, Southern, and Italian food, its variety is bound to satisfy the pickiest of eaters. After midterms or finals are over, take a seat and devour some comfort food from all around.

Via Flickr via Creative Commons

Farmers Market

Open Wednesdays from 12 – 6 p.m. every week until it becomes too unbearable to step foot outside, or Nov. 26. Grab some fresh fruits and veggies, walk around with baguettes, and pretend you are walking around Montmartre, Paris. Everything is locally grown and made. So take a stroll and grab a bite!

Via Flickr via Creative Commons