Release your inner child

by Rebecca Fiore / Beacon Staff • October 17, 2014

Instead of going to the playground at the Esplanade for the umpteenth time with your crew of friends in the middle of a cold Boston night, you should try out these new exciting places to release some stress and have low-key fun.



Swings at the Lawn on D

Say what you want about South Boston, but you probably have never seen swings like this. “Swing Time” is an interactive art piece commissioned by the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority. Each swing has LED lights that change colors from blue to pink. The harder you swing, the greater variation of colors you get. With 20 swings total, you can bring your whole suite and more!

Warren Anatomical Museum

Located on the fifth floor of the Countway Library of Medicine, this museum is small and freaky. It has around 300 displays of photographs, drawings, and other medical memorabilia that will make you appreciate your general practitioner just a little more. This is perfect if you missed the Body Worlds Vital exhibit that was in Faneuil Hall—or if you don’t feel like paying to go to the Museum of Science.

Via Flickr via Creative Commons


Have you ever wanted to step inside a globe and take a look at the Earth from a new perspective? Inside the Mary Baker Eddy Library is a three-story, stained- glass globe, which I’d like to call Boston’s very own Spaceship Earth, just waiting to be looked at. Don’t forget to bring a friend and stand on opposite sides of the globe, whisper to each other, and hear your voices boom.

Via Flickr via Creative Commons

Museum of Bad Art

This is for all the people who look at art and say, “I could do this,” or the ones who say, “Wait, I did this when I was seven.” Even bad art is still art, so why not appreciate it. This gallery is located in the basement of the Somerville Theatre with 20 to 40 pieces on display. Take a chance and look at works that you could have drawn in third grade art class.

Via Flickr via Creative Commons


Finally, to top it all off, what is better to a little kid than junk food? Nothing. Now you’re free to eat french fries and waffles all night long without worrying about your parents yelling at you. Saus, located in the North End, is open until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Oh, and they have over 15 different sauces to add to your meals.  

Via Flickr via Creative Commons