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Saturday, January 16, 2021

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New York Mag's Adam Moss talks publishing to pupils

For Moss, a two-time recipient for Advertising Age's Editor of the Year, print journalism has yet to become a thing of the past. Best known for transforming the now 47-year-old magazine, Moss oversaw the publication as it expanded digitally.

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WGBH partnership engages in real world production

Aspiring media makers are operating cameras, shooting b-roll, and editing footage for a hands-on course offered this semester that allows Emerson students to gain professional experience as crew members on a broadcast television show.

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School of the Arts partners with German media academy

The School of the Arts hosted two events with the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany, this past weekend. It sparked the first of many future collaborations with the international institution, otherwise known as Kunsthochschule für Medien, or KHM.

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Mercutio Troupe brings sonnets to the stage

Love Sonnets: Things Women Say, a collection of monologues written by playwright Charles Mee, explores the inner workings of 12 different women through a feminist lens. The staged reading was hosted by Mercutio Troupe in Tufte’s Huret and Spector Gallery last weekend.

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Alumnus' app aims to make auditions easy

Yorick contains over 1,000 monologues from all of Shakespeare's plays. Users can search by gender, character, action, tone, or length.

Spring is the new spooky: Horror in the offseason

They aren’t slashers or found-footage throwbacks. They are explorations of the darkest part of humanity: sexual repression, religious extremism, the failings of patriarchy, and the resultant suffering of the feminine.

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RareWorks’ student-written Anchortown sets sail

The play tells the dramatic tale of an ordinary town and the mystical events leading up to its destruction, starting with a strange man who fell from outer space.

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Alumni website takes the road less traveled by

Whatever Times, a new “digital space” created by class of ‘15 alumni Leigha Morris and Lucianna Coccia is a new site for creatives with places to go, people to see, and perspectives to change.

Q&A: Bavand Karim on Hate Crimes in the Heartland

Hate Crimes in the Heartland, a historical documentary released in 2014, depicts two hate crimes in Tulsa, Oklahoma—the 1921 race riots and the 2012 Good Friday shootings—and their impact on American society. Bavand Karim, an assistant professor in the visual and media arts department, was the cinematographer, associate producer, and co-writer of the award-winning project.

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Freshman starts zine club to address social issues

A lecture on body image, institutional racism, or abuse might not be accessible to everyone. But put the same ideas into a zine, and the message could reach a wider audience.

Ripped to shreds: the rise of horror rock

A simple cure for heartbreak is to cut open your chest, reach your hand in, and pull your heart out. If seeing someone is too hard, consider going blind. When you don’t want to have a run-in, maybe chop your feet off. When your body begins to fail, tear it into tiny pieces, and sew it back together again, stronger than ever. Suggestions like these are offered in some of my favorite albums of the last two years, which are simultaneously terrific and terrifying.

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Punk drunk love: MTS rocks out with American Idiot

This past week, the Musical Theatre Society, or MTS, put on three performances of American Idiot in Little Building’s Cabaret. Around 80 people attended each show, filling the venue to capacity, according to director Joshua Shelor.

Cuban poet visits campus

Victor Fowler Calzada, poet and author of more than 10 books, shared his experience of living in revolutionary Cuba with a crowd of almost 100 students Wednesday last week.

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Busy Lizzie: EmStage opens season with conscious comedy

Lizzie Stranton is a play written by Lydia Diamond, in which the titular character enacts a plan of no sex until the world’s leaders declare peace.

No more nostalgia: Why we're bored of Old Hollywood

Hail, Caesar! is fun, but there’s more to classic movie making than white guys and cigarettes.